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Written by Shahid Fayaz Saqi,
Author and Poet from Gundbal Mohd Pora Kulgam

Rambling in the wild-open fields
With broken and effetled legs
Like God wholly mortified me
The gusts of wind picked me up
To gratulate the diadems of nature.
The reflection of nature's bride
Mured and shut my eyes
Like unpleasant clouds seized my vision
Put off the black and inky cascades
On jocund faces of hilly universe.
Now I put my eyes on rest and
Unfold the fingers of imagination.
Blindly, with fast fist and feeling The music of hill tops
When divine flags flapping with
The breeze of celestial munificence
When birds breezily twittering
With nodding of head
All round roaming of astute birds,
I was absolutely alone with speechless fowls
Like I committed an irredeemable felony
But I think it was delate
My fellow travelers, tenders and
Confidants were birds
Hardly steps were getting up
Falling of tears like shower of
It was corporal punishment, All parts shivering like fast quake.
Another sky fell on me, sun goes
Behind the dark clouds
Like someone stole it from my fissile lap
Darkness covered the taken roads
Looking back, I could see horrible Shapes and shadows of fay.
The birds also began to search for their nests.
The doors of my city were shut on me,
No inning for spending nights in
Calm and Peace.
Friends also turned out to be
Like every door was pushing me with belittling.
The caretaker of the mosque also kept the door locked.
Now my head rests on the land of dead men
And fighting its own battle in abstract flashings.
As soon as eye to eye fell, Dreadful sounds of snakes began to revolve around me Like the heinous screams of the dead Coming out of the graves.
Insects spread their fearful nets
Like snakes were humming me
With the screams of hell.
I fell asleep in the snake's lap
And went to the world of dreams.
In dream, the viper tormented my soul
With vigorous bites and dragged me to hell
When fangs grabbed my thin and whimpy neck,
A scream came out and I woke up.
It was the same snake in whose lap I had fallen asleep.
I was helpless and did not have the courage.
Dark clouds released the sun with a hope I saw a large crowd and flocked of kin.
They were staring at me with unknown eyes.
I saw I was lying down on the sepulcher of beloved
Who annihilated herself in my love.
About the Author:

Shahid Fayız is a B. A. Student who writes under the pen name, "SAQI".
He hails from Gundbal Mohd Pora Kulgam. Born on the 18th of October 2000, the Author depicts love, loss, separation and divine power.

Though having an extraordinary hold in different forms of writings,
Shahid Fayız has been writing doleful poems and short stories in both
English and Urdu. His latest works are:

My Foretaste At Dusk, Nightlong Wailing, Nest At Heaven 1, Nest at Heaven 2,
Long Tales, Wandering Through The Shadows, Sunset in My City, God Has Given Me Such a Nature, Sensational Accent, Soul of My Heart, The Ocean of Oceans, Colorful World and Saqi. The Author also writes for newspapers and magazines.

He began writing at his tender age of 14, though the subjects of his writing have always been way beyond his age. As a young poet, he has a belief that nature can heal every person better with Broken Hearts.

The main purpose of his writing is to bring a reformed society by writing on present situations like social evils, etc., that have engulfed the society of saints.
He is always in a black mood, as his life is beset with anxieties and sadness. He treats with others quite well, in the way he speaks, smiles behind, impressing others of that which has made them affectionate. He is used to melancholic life and has welcomed his problems as the relation of life because these problems generate activism, creating such heaviness in his life, that he feels the presence of death in his surroundings.

Owing to alienation from his noble beloved, sheds his tears which later he collects and drink in the name of precious wine. He describes all of his problems created by people in his work. The Author relates back, his success to his Mother 'Dilshada Banoo", who inspired and helped him in shaping his life.

The Author can be reached at:

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