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About the Editors

ANNETTE NASSER, Founder/Publisher, is an avid food and nature photographer, an internationally known Book Reviewer and has reviewed books, as well as reviewed and interviewed various writers on the specifics of their singular work.
She is a writer/poet from the Boston area and has been published in Literary House Review, Hudson Valley Poetry Digest,
SpinningS, Seeker Magazine,
and many other Literary Magazines, Journals and Anthologies, the most recent of the latter,
in 'Apple Fruits of an Old Oak', 'Women Poets: Within and Beyond the Shores, Volume 3' and 'Where Are You From',
an anthology translated in both English and Persian. Annette wrote and edited an Online Magazine (no longer in circulation),

receiving a past Award of Excellence.

ATIF KHURSHID WANI, Senior Editor, is a Kashmiri Poet, Reviewer and Columnist. He was born on 11th January, 1995,

when everything around him was frozen. He was brought up in an educated family, which belongs to the Anantnag area of
Kashmir valley. Atif graduated from Kashmir University and did his Masters from LPU, Punjab. Though he started writing
at the age of 16, it was only at LPU, where he published his first poem by the name of 'Reigning Darkness', an International

Poetry Anthology. Since then, Atif has become a part of more than 30 National and International Poetry Anthologies.

He has Co-Authored some anthologies as well: 'The Way We Were', 'Mourning of Mother', 'Robaroo I and Robaroo II'. 

His biography also appeared in the book, 'Biography of Living Poets', published in May of 2020. He has contributed
poetry to different magazines, including: 'The Love of a Child', 'Spellbound Love', 'Passionatechic', 'Litlight', 

'Hold my Cold Heart', 'Life on Lease', 'The Withered Throne', etc. In addition to his poetry, he has reviewed books like,

'Tears Fall in my Heart', 'The Lost Princess', 'Unheard Voices' and for various newspapers including, Kashmir Horizon,

Country Talks and News Horizon. He has been named among 100 Bards of 2019 by Literary Club and Professional
Enhancement Club,
Nigeria. Currently, Atif is a Research Scholar at Lovely Professional University, India. He is a
freelancer and his book, 'The Shattered She' was recently published this year. Atif Khurshid Wani recently and 

honorably participated as a judge and Narrator in a Literary event on behalf of Konnect E-Zine.

IMTIYAZ PANDOW, Web Content Editor, hails from Budgam, Kashmir and is a Postgraduate in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has worked with several Local and National Media Outlets. He is interested in reading and writing poetry,

as well as fiction. His poetry has been published in various online platforms.

ADNAN SHAFI, Acquiring Editor, was born and brought up in a middle class educated Bhat family, which belongs to 
Chandrigam, in the Tral area of Kashmir Valley. He is a poet, writer, columnist, translator, short story writer, reviewer,
blogger, motivational speaker, Ghazal-writer and Editor. He has co-authored many anthologies. He is Editor of the book,
"Inked Gems", released from Pakistan and author at Destiny Poets, in the UK. Adnan has been internationally published
and has won poetry awards from numerous publications. His poetry book, "Tears Fall in my Heart", depicts sorrows and
vicissitudes of life. There are various hues in his poems, ranging from love to loneliness and despair. His poetry is replete
with the simplicity of thought and language, and some are of autobiographical in nature, which relates to his own life's vows.

Poetry Publications include, Duane's PoeTree; Black Poppy Review; Outlaw Poetry (France); Inventives Magazine;
Between Hangovers; Metaphor Magazine; Society of Classical Poets; Peeking Cat Poet Community; Scarlet Leaf Review;
Spillwords; Halcyon Days Magazine; The Blue Nib Magazine; Taj Mahal Review (India); PPP Ezine; Ariel Chart; 
The Ginger Collect; Basil O'Flaherty Review; Longshot Island; The Paragon Journal; Free Lit Magazine; Hidden Constellations; Nature Writing; The Literary Hatchet; PearTree Press, Raven Cage Ezine; Now Then/World Life (UK);
Degenerate Literature; Dual Coast Magazine; Pengician (Africa); Carcinogenic Poetry; RavenPerch; Indian Periodical;
MetaWorker; Two Drops of Ink; GloMag; Event Horizon; Anapest Journal; Boned; The Remembered Arts; Winamop;
Tuck Magazine; Leaves of Ink; Poetic Diversity; Mad Swirl; Scryptic Magazine; Dissident Voice; Communications League;
Escapism Literary Magazine; Petrichor Magazine; Funds Literary Trust; Online Contemporary Poetry; Family Friend Poetry;
Atunis Poetry (Albania); Arcs Prose Poetry; Vocca Literary (Romanian Mag); Writers Cafe; Yoalfaaz; Poem Hunter;
Your Story Club; Thiens.In; Fast Kashmir; Times of Kashmir; Journalist Websites Magazine; Down in the Dirt
(Scars Publication); With Painted Hello Poetry and many other Internet platforms.

He contributes his articles/opinions both nationally and internationally for different news organizations, such as the
Daily Parliament Times, The Pak Observer, Brighter Kashmir, Kashmir Vision, Rising Kashmir, Kashmir Age,
Kashmir Reader, Kashmir Horizon and Kashmir Images.

SAHIL MUDASIR, Co-Editor, is an Indian Kashmiri poet, born in Melhura Shopian. His collections include,
'Secrets of an Occupied Heart' and 'The Shadows.' He is also the Co-Author of books, 'Inked Gems' and 'Dreamers
Never Die.' 

Sahil was brought up in an illustrious and highly educated middle class family. He received his early education
from his native village. he received his BA from Government Degree College, Anantnag, and a Masters in English
Literature from the University of Kashmir. In June of 2019, he qualified for the National Eligibility Test as 
Assistant Professor for higher education. Working as a teacher, Sahil Mudasir is a renowned poet and a well-known
writer of modern times. Through poetry, he highlights the socio-political and economic conditions of his homeland,
Kashmir. The poet aptly keeps his write-ups juxtaposed with the outside and inside barricades of conflict and war.
There are other subjects and themes on which the poet writes. The aspects of his poetry include compositions of 
every day life with themes mostly of love, nature, relationships, emotions and religion. The poet has acclaimed fame
and name by being an exceptional figure within the world of literature. His poetry has been published in National
and International Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, websites, anthologies and more. Sahil has been honored with
many awards at various platforms.

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