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Issue # 4 August/September Edition 2021

Welcome to the World of
Literature and the Arts.

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Our online magazine publishes an eclectic blending of
prose, poetry, short stories, and other works, (visual art,
photography, special features of authors and their books),
by both established as well as emerging writers and artists. We will periodically be featuring guest writers 
with interviews, and occasionally, a review and translation. We have also decided, even though we are

fairly new, to make the transition from quarterly to monthly, which shall be published online, only.

"We are just brush. . .in the hands of Master Painter."

Ishan Agnihotri
Poet for Peace

Featured Quote

"Knowledge has no limit."

Hanan Muzafar

Featured Quote

"Sometimes answer is in the silence."

                    - Hanan Muzafar

Featured Poem

Featured Quote

Crumpled Paper

Every heartache's gleam seems dim,
compared to the one you have at this moment.
Your grief being cultivated on the fertile ground
of this thin, smooth, pulped wood.

Marked by your pain,
as  you contemplate the meaning
of the deep marks upon the page.

Sorrow now found only in distance,
lies, and your own misleading imagination.

Anguish is transitory.
This once bad reality,
you can toss away.
You, feeling the casualness
of this now crumpled paper.

© Linda Imbler

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and
next year's words await another voice."

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965)
Poet, Publisher, Playwright, Critic

Featured Quote

"Read today to get read tomorrow."

Imtiyaz Pandow


Featured Quote

"The entire world is the reflection of God. As in
the night moon seems to be in the river
. . .but it is in the sky. . .!

Ishan Agnihotri
Poet of Peace

Our Mission

When creativity is utilized, it sparks the muse within us, whether through writing or visual arts,
discovered or undiscovered, by chance or through a profound experience. Our goals for ILA is to
spark that creativity, to encourage, support and publish work of writers and artists along their journeys of self-expression, whether through a voice, a pen or a brush, and by providing a harmonizing, comfortable environment.

Creativity through Literature and the Arts is most beneficial to the inner senses and well-being
from within. Each unique individual has a stronger sense of themselves and when you allow
creativity to flow, whether it be through the various genres of literature and art, it is that impulse
of that moment in time where a connection brings together, heart, mind and soul.

We want to publish cultural diversity of literature and the arts with both established and emerging artists and writers, who have a brush yet to be used or a voice yet to be heard, with perhaps a deeper understanding of values, such as humanity, peace and freedom of speech. Our goal is to broaden the horizons of many, to be a catalyst of guidance, to help boost confidence in people
with a voice and who are just beginning their journeys, and for the silent voices who are just starting out on their adventures of artistic expression.

We are supportive of writers and artists with aspirations and goals. We welcome voices of diverse individuals from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, cultures, societies, with utmost respect and love.

ILA is a non-profit magazine,  devoted to the world of Literature and the Arts and it is here, we hope to provide a platform, internationally. We want to hear the silent voices, to celebrate the colorful aspects of your creativity, the chance to be read and recognized, to offer a sense of belonging, a deeply rooted feeling as if you've always been here and never left.

We support all writers and artists who aspire to publish their work and share their artistic expression with both our E-Magazine, as well as our Facebook Groups (ILA Magazine Group) and (Kashmir Writer's Guild). Here, we feature Poetry/Prose, Editor's Choice, Short Stories, Special Features of writers, recent Book Publications, Visual Arts/Photography, Blog articles with  frequent features of writers and their work, an occasional review, interview and translations.

We will be transitioning from publishing quarterly to monthly in the future, and when we do, we will surely announce.

Annette Nasser

Special Features

For Issue # 4, we are featuring Author Ana Stjelja with three of her poems from her newly published book,
"The Music of Silence", with five translations she has written into English of selected poems. Included in Ana's feature, a bio of herself, a synopsis of her book and several links to her websites and social media.


to the far land of East.
I want to sail
on a boat made of pure silk
and golden velvet,
to witness cherry blossoms
and misty mountain dancing
in the rhythm of the temple bells.
The moon, like the brightest face
guides me through the dark tunnels
of vast seas and oceans.
My suitcases are heavy
of memories,
my heart is curious
about undiscovered places
of the far, far lands. . .
I am ready.
My journey may begin.

© Ana Stjelja


The clock is ticking.
We are running out of time.
Hours, minutes and seconds
are melting down from the fire of life.
Clock hands are hanging
exhausted from the battles.
We must forge a new sword,
made of pure light,
so that we can use it as a lantern,
or torch to show us the way,
while we dance like shamans,
or ecstatic performers
on the dark stage of the new realm.

© Ana Stjelja

Muzika tišine prednje korice.jpg
Muzika tišine  korice JPEG.jpg


The music of silence
we used to be silent,
we used to be in love in silence, remember?
We used to enjoy the notes
that were running away from music papers
so they could meet that silence.

The music of silence used to amuse us,
riding through the tunnels of passion
until it got tired and became silent.
In silence, with our lips
we were moving the curtains, breaking the walls,

hiding misfortunes.
Do you hear it?
Do you feel pulsing of its heart,
can you touch it and embrace it?
The music of silence is still tormenting me,

and each tact, its feverish sound,
has been transformed into the terrible howl.
The silence.

© Ana Stjelja


The new collection of poetry by Ana Stjelja, 'The Music of Silence', was published by the Association,
'Alia Mund', as a bilingual edition, in Serbian and English. After the collection of poetry, 'Lira Divine', which was published in 2015, Serbian writer, Ana Stjelja, published a new collection of poems entitled, 'The Music of Silence.' This book is a kind of poetic-artistic experiment because it was created as an inspiration by the digital collages made by Ljiljana Stjelja. The collection consists of 11 poems in Serbian and English, which accompany Ljiljana Stjelja's digital collages in a sophisticated, poetically inspired and artistically designed way. Marija Juracic is credited for the very inspiring literary presentation of this collection, entitled, 'From Pure Silk and Golden Velvet', thinking about this artistic poetry, she plunged into the world of verses and collages, penetrated into its very essence and expertly and with feeling, explained the messages that this poetry wants to convey, leaving a strong poetic-artistic mark. In the beginning introduction of this collection of poems, the words of the Ancient Greek poet, Simonides from Kay (556-468 BC) are written, who said: "A picture is silent poetry", a picture of poetry that speaks, in which the whole idea on which this collection was created is sublimated.

The collection of poetry "Music of Silence" in Serbian and English language expression was created at a time of strong momentum in the creation of two artists. She appeared spontaneously, inspired by the collages of Ljiljana Stjelja. These collages are alive and seductive and the view does not escape from them. They allow the eye to rest, the imagination to stop, the mind to imagine and take you somewhere you want to be. (From the review by Marija Juracic.



You can read her book online at:

and on her website at:

ILA has been granted permission to share
selected poems by the acclaimed and award-winning
Serbian poet, Vlasta Mladenovic,
and translated by Ana Stjelja:

Out of range

I am the target
that bothers
that is why
I am out of range.

Vanity is powerless
I sleep calm.


The Messenger of Libraries

In the library
the silence is disturbed,
the peace of the centuries
that is why I will not be silent
It is the time for the truth to be heard,
what's written,
the voice of the host.


I am sick and tired of everything
my decision is strong
to stay far from the sick mind,
I am vomiting, coming back
to the Sibinum Hills.


Poetry is truth,
but is there anyone to listen to it
except God.

I am thankful for the words I uttered
I owe him
each line.

I am louder and louder
my heart dares
as long as He exists
there will be a poem as well.


There is a disharmony
between me and the Universe
never bigger chaos.
Out of a sudden
rains appear.
They attack me
more and more.


Ana Stjelja for Issue 4.jpg


Ana Stjelja was born in 1982, in Belgrade (Serbia). In 2005, she graduated from the Faculty of Philology from the Turkish Language and Literature Department. In 2009, she earned a Masters' degree in Sufism. In 2012, she obtained her PhD in Serbian Literature (with the thesis on the life and work of one of the first Serbian women writers and world travelers, Jelena J. Dimitrijevic).

Ana is a poet, writer, translator, journalist, researcher and editor. She published more than 30 books of different literary genres. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the
Alia Mundi Magazine for cultural diversity and the online literary magazine, Enheduana. She is also the founder and the editor of the Web Portal, Eastern Pearl, dedicated to the literature art and culture of the East. As an acclaimed and awarded writer, she has published her works in various Serbian and International print or online magazines, literary blogs and portals. She is the regular collaborator of The Poet Magazine (England).

In 2018, she established the Association Alia Mundi for promoting cultural diversity. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia, the Association of Journalists of Serbia and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). She resides in Belgrade.

Listed below, her websites and links to Social Media:

Ana Stjelja



Poetry and Prose


The pages of my heart fluttered unbridled.
Unbridled desires left me in a quagmire.
Quagmire where I kept plummeting every day.
Every day the fondness intensified.
Intensified emotions often rendered me a coy smile.
Smile, that spoke everything, but,
But you never realized the unspoken.
Unspoken alphabets piled up in some dusty corner.
Corner, that never saw the sunshine.
Sunshine you were to me, who illuminated my rustic niche
Niche, that will forever bear your imprint.
Imprint of yours, an eternal emblem, etched on this delicate chasm.
Chasm that breathes your fragrance.
Fragrance that furnishes my existence with a mystical charm.
Charm, that I will carry with me until Eternity.
Eternity that lay beyond the fluttering pages!

© Sonali Ray


Everywhere a wind blows,
the dust and debris,
shall follow
(just as)
Every blank stare out of windows,
speaks to a longing to be free,
and not Hollow.
Everywhere a wind blows,
the rains shall too commence -
just as every one,
(Whence Those Winds Grow)
looks for the sun's grin,
when things become too intense.
Everywhere, a wind blows,
be it beautiful or odd
is for everything, for the winds know
it breathes the breath of God.

© Alonzo Gross



Imagine to be a bird
slicing air with wings.

Up, up over the horizon
soaring through clouds
away from solemn earth.

Shining, shimmering
far above this sphere
into clear blue light.

Cutting through sky
gliding over oceans
eyes open all seeing.

Awake all day all night
brushing rushing
against the four winds.

Imagine to be a bird.

© Joan McNerney


Sunset knows where to find the breath:
follow the trail of gold and red and tangerine.
Light is on first name terms with oxygen.
The lawn, the garden, join air at the feast.
Roses seduce butterflies.
Bees partner asters in a waltz of color.
Trees feel as young as their newest bud,
as old as the mountains they can't quite ascend.
Forget flabby in the arms,
remember summer on the porch,
French doors opened.
Swing taking off like a jet,
gliding down like a parachute.
Nothing can stop the night from coming.
But day has its methods.

© John Grey


You speak in silence
and you wait
for an answer.
You knock the door
of emotional
but you
need the spring. . .
Close your eyes
to see with soul eyes
the loneliness
Life you ask
and not
to step on
the shoulders
of clouds.
Your inspiration
must umbrella
from the tears
of ink...clouds!

© Petros Kyriakou Veloudas

Editor's Choice

The Pain

The pain is unbearable,
the pain is patient,
the pain is adult, the pain is childish,
the pain is bodily and it's sighted,
and spiritually blind.

All the brothers are from the same bosom,
and the trees are from the same crown,
which bears so much fruit,
the whole world has eaten enough of it.

The fruits contain seeds,
from which a person suffers,
this is a werewolf plant, not viburnum,
not raspberry the body pricks like
bramble and scorches
like a piece of burning coal,
the whole middle smolders in agony
and fades away like a day.
Death mows people like a meadow,
the world is sad,
the whole earth is washed with tears,
trouble is shrouded in pain.

© Oleksandra Babiichuk


I thought I might die
drinking sweet tea
smoking cigarettes
even writing poetry
but I know now
I will die missing you.

For me, night withholds
the juices of slumber
ever in the dark
I hear the distant echoes
of your voice, haunting.

In the black
twixt dusk and dawn
no wind stirs
no branch moves
nothing is heard
but flowing murmurs
to rob my sleep.

Silence and I sit
listening to the stars
though they shroud
visions of you in clouds.
The swelling sea
of my heart, mind
lifts up to heaven
scatters the foams
of my love for you
amongst the clouds.

It's then I blow
the whisper of a kiss,
that reflects me
in the moon
of your celestial sea.

For thinking of you
gently brushes my soul,
tranquilizes my mind,
soothes my worn heart

So when blushing Dawn
bursts forth another day,
I can bear to live again
and struggle to endure.

© Sher Chandley


Lookout at the rough blanket of waves
curves and curls all around
a dark shadow passing over those waters
a rhythm of harmonic sounds
the sound of waves
applauding and hugging the shore
the internal sounds of the body out
in the world's biggest swimming pool
exceptionally blue with a slight green undertone
the surface looks as though
covered with millions of diamonds
crashing with the waves and kissing the sand
a dreamy sea has a rhythmic pulse
to it unmatched by any other part of nature.
It forges its sounds
and kindles its symphony.

© Sandesh Ghimire



I am an artist.

Though sometimes I think I'm not!
My life is a canvas,
the color comes from my heart.
My words create lines
sometimes rhymes.

What I paint unto my life begins within me.
My creations are clear evidence that I am
sometimes great but mostly I have made mistakes.
I scattered colors yet dull and plain
but silence speaks whenever in blank ink.

I am an artist of my own life.
I hold the paint brush,
I create with my heart.
I am the masterpiece of my own creation.

© Ria Flores

What is Your Address, Wind?

From where you come, O, Wind,
Bringing smiles on the faces sad,
Spreading the soft and mellifluous tunes
all around, conveying a message of
love and hope.

But many a time, your direction changes,
and comes along he worst disasters,
uprooting the settlements of humans and others,
faster than it takes to bat an eye,

roaring with your fearsome musical notes.

Often you blow in a motherly mode,
caressing the tender leaves of tall trees,

with abundant caution, but several
old and robust trees become rootless
and fall in despair alienated from the
crest of earth, when you are angry.

Who controls your various moods?
And how do you manage to change
your varied masks? O, Wind! You're
faceless though, felt and seen
through invisible eyes of human heart.

© Rakesh Chandra

Featured Authors

Fareed Agyakwah_Profile image.jpeg

FAREED AGYAKWAH also known as Kente Agyakwah, is a prolific African writer,
poet, essayist and ambassador. "A Child's Poetry for Peace" is his debut book, 
published by Mindfield Publishing. He lives in Cape Coast, Ghana with his family.


Fareed Agyakwah_Front Cover_A ChildsPoetryforPeace.jpg
FareedAgyakwah_Book Image.jpg


Peace is everybody's desire. Sadly, peace defies the world as urine
defies the cockerel. It is as a result of this, plus the importance of
inculcating in children of ages 8-12 (middle grade), the relevance
of peace that the poems lacing up the pages of this read-to-picture
book of poetry, "A Child's Poetry for Peace" has been written.
The poems are largely themed on peace, be it internal or external,
and will evoke a feeling of sympathy or empathy in children.

For Issue # 4, we are featuring Author/Poet, Fareed Agyakwah with one of his poems, 
and his book, "A Child's Poetry for Peace", with special bio and a synopsis of his book.


One comes face to face
with how Covid-19 pandemic
has touched our lives in many ways.

Mild alcohols of the virtual
takes hostage, the enviable palace
of waters of the physical.

The showers of face to face meetings
sadly, lose their foothold
in the name of social distancing.

Ears are glued to on-line songs,
singers have sung and envisaged the fans,
preachers have preached and eavesdropped the tongues.

Hunters amongst students have rather
killed the birds of time and money
with the sharpest stones of webinar.

I comb my last drop of honey
zooming in on poets while they subpoena songs
to arrest the ills of society.

I love the honey of virtual meetings;
But I hate the neglect of bees
of face to face networking.

(Lockdown 2020)

© Fareed Agyakwah


Looking to read good content? Check out Mehr's Insights at

Mehr's Insights will fill your eyes with articles, poetry, flash fiction, quotes,
reviews and translations in Balochi, English and Urdu. Kick off your shoes,
sit in a comfortable spot, grab your favorite beverage and read the wonderful
literature of blogger, Uzair Mehr.

Mehr_Image 2.jpg

Uzair Mehr hails from Pakistan, and is a Computer Science (IT) student and
technology geek. He is an enthusiastic blogger, an avid reader, a passionate writer
and translator with an insatiable thirst for Arabic, Balochi, English, Persian and Urdu Literature, alike. In his free time, he loves to read books, watch movies, hang out with his friends, and immerse himself in the world of nature. He has an infinite 
number of future works around the corner, who truly puts in great effort, 

his accomplishments, motivation and ethics, as you will view when you visit his

blog, Mehr's Insights.

Uzair Mehr also proofreads and edits his own work, himself. He has his own
YouTube channel where he shares and chants his favorite and most cherished songs, fused with his thoughts and emotions with a positive effect through catharsis.

Please do take the time to visit both his channel and blog, when you have a chance, both are truly remarkable.

You may contact Uzair Mehr at:

Mehr's Insights Poster.jpg

"When we unfalteringly endure hardship, affliction, and pain in life, we will be
bestowed the greatest gift, which will bring about perpetual happiness within us,

like thick clouds providing a blue downpour on the barren land of the despondency

of humans, sprouting verdure and lushness every which way."

Uzair Mehr

"If you are a man of learning, read something classic, a history of the human struggle
and don't settle for mediocre verse."

Rumi (1207-1273)

Poet, Scholar, Theologian, Sufi Mystic

Book Publications

Cover Idea (Granddaughter).png

Book Synopsis:

Carl Scharwath's new book, "Playground of Destiny", published by
features 73 pages of short stories, poetry, haiku, photography, oil painting and even
a play. His granddaughter is the model of his cover photography. If you purchase 
his book, he is donating 100% of the proceeds directly to the Imspired Good Causes Fund. Thanks for supporting his artistic journey!

Carl Scharwath_Image 2_Blog.jpg


Carl Scharwath has appeared globally with 170+ journals selecting his poetry, short
stories, interviews, essays, plays or art. Two poetry books, "Journey to Become Forgotten" (Kind of Hurricane Press) and "Abandoned" (Scars Tv) hav been published.
His new book, "The Playground of Destiny" (Impspired Press, 08/21), features short
stories, poems and photography. His first photography book was published by Praxis
in Africa. His photography was also exhibited in the Mount Dora Center for the Arts
and Leesburg Center for The Arts galleries. Carl is the Art Editor for Minute Magazine
(USA), and has a monthly interview column with ILA Magazine (USA). He is a
competitive runner and holds a 2nd degree black-belt in Taekwondo.

Featured Quotes

In this section, featured writer, Hanan Muzafar, has kindly granted permission to publish some of his quotes,
as well as images he has  created.

"Growth comes at the cost of pain."

© Hanan Muzafar

"Be kind to who deserves, but not ignorant."

© Hanan Muzafar

"Great men Believe."

© Hanan Muzafar

"If you want to make peace, make peace with yourself."

© Hanan Muzafar

"Knowledge has no limit."

© Hanan Muzafar

"The only safe place in universe is you;
A place where your being is defined."

© Hanan Muzafar

"Time changes."

© Hanan Muzfar

"There's nothing greater than wisdom."

© Hanan Muzafar


"Look inside, it's all within you."

© Hanan Muzafar

"Life in itself is meaningless, but serves definite purpose."

© Hanan Muzafar

"Truth is absolute, yet it can be metaphysical."

© Hanan Muzafar


"Of all, rationality is rarest."

© Hanan Muzafar

"You don't know what life has for you; what we know
about it is, it's unpredictable."

© Hanan Muzafar

Hanan Muzafar_Bio image.jpg

Hanan Muzafar is from Sopore, Kashmir. He has done his MTech
Electronics and Communication Engineering from Cochin University
of Science and Technology in Kerala. Currently, he is looking for a job. He has been writing poetry and quotations for many years.
Hanan says, "writing is more than just words, it is a way to express yourself and others. Yes, it's hard to write in a society where your views are not accepted much." He believes in victory for those who believe: What a man needs, there is a way.

Visual Art/Photography


Ahmed Nawaz_Bee_White florals.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_red rose beauty.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_White Rose.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_yellow rose.jpg


Ahmed Nawaz_Clouds water mntns.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_Mntns_Sun.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_Picturesque mntns_2.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_Picturesque mntns.jpg

AHMED NAWAZ is a photographer and poet from Pakistan who majored in Literature from the University of Harper. He's very much into philosophy, specifically interested in timeless questions. H'e a voracious reader, inclined to posit his intuitive insights over the vast and flexible realms of life, while confiding himself to the perimeters of being human. He loves reading books, and desires to be a world tourist. He has been pursuing nature as a great source of his photography. For him, nature is a guide, teacher and healer.


Zee Malik_floral fireworks.jpg
Zee Malik_Green dew drop beauty.jpg
Zee Malik_pretty in pink.jpg
zee malik_pink and green.jpg


Zee Malik_PicsArt_07-26-02.04.53.jpg
Zee Malik PicsArt_07-26-01.52.44.jpg
Zee Malik_Clouds_1.jpg

ZEE MALIK was born in 1998, in Lahore, Pakistan. He is a poet, lyricist, musician and photographer.


DJ_Cookies on Gray.jpg
DJ_Green Bananas.jpeg
DJ_Grilled Corn.jpg
DJ_newspaper food.jpg


DJ_Yellow Flowers on drk Backgroun.jpeg
DJ_Floral Collage.jpg
DJ_Golden Flowers.jpg


DJ_Dew Drops_on Green_2.jpg
DJ_dew drop on pink.jpg
DJ_Dew Drop_on green.jpg


DJ_Fern Fronds.jpeg
DJ_Sunset Birds.jpg
DJ_Golden Sky over crops.jpg
DJ_Birds Nest.jpg
DJ_Red Foliage.jpeg
DJ_Red leaf on Green.jpeg
DJ_Palms_Fronds on sunny green.jpg
DJ_Green Leafy Fronds.jpg
DJ_trees meet sunlight.jpg
DJ_Sunset Palm Reflection.jpeg

DHANANJAY JAGTAP is from Maharashtra, India. He completed his engineering back in 2017.  He works in the corporate sector. He loves cooking, reading photography and exploring nature with his camera.

About the Editors

ANNETTE NASSER, Founder/Edtitor, hails from the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, and is an avid food and nature photographer, an internationally known book reviewer and has reviewed books, as well as reviewed/interviewed various poets on the specifics of their singular poems. She is a writer/poet and has been published in Literary House Review, Hudson Valley Poetry Digest, SpinningS, Seeker Magazine, Sequoyah Cherokee River Journal, as well as many other literary magazines, journals and anthologies, globally. Her reviews have been included in several books as well as other forms of literature. She worked as an Editor for an Online Magazine (no longer in circulation, receiving a past Award of Excellence. She is currently working on several literary projects, a cookbook in memory of her mom, a short novella, a poetry book and recently finished a children's rhyming book, hoping to publish soon.

ATIF KHURSHID WANI, Senior Editor, is a Kashmiri Poet, Reviewer and Columnist. He as born on 11th January 1995, when everything around him was frozen, and brought up in an educated family, which belongs to the Anantnag area of Kashmir Valley. Atif graduated from Kashmir University and did his Masters from LPU, Punjab. Though he started writing at the age of 16, it was only in LPU, where he published his first poem, in "Reigning Darkness", an International Poetry Anthology.

Since then, Atif has become part of more than 30 National and International Poetry Anthologies. He has co-authored some anthologies as well: "The Way We Were", "Mourning of Mother", "Robaroo I and Robaroo II".

His biography also appeared in the book, 'Biography of Living Poets', published in May of 2020. He has contributed poetry to different magazines, including: 'The Love of a Child', 'Spellbound Love', 'Passionatechic', 'LitLight', 'Hold My Cold Heart', 'Life on Lease', 'The Withered Throne', etc.

In addition to his poetry, he has reviewed books like, 'Tears Fall in my Heart', 'The Lost Princess', 'Unheard Voices' and for various newspapers including Kashmir Horizon, Country Talks and News Horizon. He has been named among 100 Bards of 2019 by Literary Club and Professional Enhancement Club, Nigeria. Currently, Atif is a Research Scholar at Lovely Professional University, India. He is a freelancer and his book, 'The Shattered She' was published in September 2020. Also in 2020, Atif honorably participated as a judge and Narrator in a Literary Event on behalf of Konnect E-zine.

SAHIL MUDASIR, Co-Editor, is an Indian Kashmiri Poet, born in Melhura Shopian. His collections include, 'Secrets of an Occupied Heart' and 'The Shadows.' He is also the Co-Author of books, 'Inked Gems' and 'Dreamers Never Die.'

Sahil was brought up in an illustrious and highly educated middle class family. He received his early education from his native village. He received his BA from Government Degree College, Anantnag, and a Masters in English Literature from the University of Kashmir. In June of 2019, he qualified for the National Eligibility Test as Assistant Professor for higher education. Working as a teacher, Sahil Mudasir is a renowned poet and a well-known writer of modern times. Through poetry, he highlights the socio-political and economic conditions of his homeland, Kashmir.

The poet aptly keeps his writer-ups juxtaposed with the outside and inside barricades of conflict and war. There are other subjects and themes on which the poet writes. The aspects of his poetry include compositions of every day life with themes mostly of love, nature, relationships, emotions and religion. The poet has acclaimed fame and name by being an exceptional figure within the world of literature.

His poetry has been published in National and International Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, websites, anthologies and more. Sahil has been honored with many awards at various platforms.


Carl Scharwath is a Contributing Editor that writes a monthly interview column on our Blog Section.


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