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'Abstract Visions of Light' was released on August 1, 2018, through 

Alien Buddha Press. It was Outlar's second title with ABP and his fifth

collection of poetry. The book features a cover painted by Red Focks, 

and also includes a series of his black-and-white photography taken

while traveling through Slab City, California. The poems themselves

speak to Outlar's own personal journey, reflecting on life, death, love,

sex, spirituality, nature, time, art, consciousness, and the constant

search for creative expression.

An Italian version of the book's opening poem, 

'Transcending Definitions', as recited by Mihaela Melnic, can be

listened to, here, on

Copies of 'Abstract Visions of Light' can be found on Amazon at:


Scott Thomas Outlar lives and writes in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. He guest-

edited the 2019 and 2020 Western Voices Editions of Setu Mag. Selections of his poetry

have been translated into Afrikaans, Albanian, Bengali, Dutch, French, Italian, Kurdish,

Persian, Serbian and Spanish. His podcast, 'Songs of Selah', airs weekly on 

17Numa Radio and features interviews with contemporary poets, artists, musicians,

and health advocates. More about Outlar's work can be found at:

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The Shattered She_Book Image.jpg

About 'The Shattered She':

This book is composed of more than 70 sentimental and emotional

poems revolving around the delicate theme of the ordeals and plights

of women. 'The Shattered She' touches on manifold strands of 

women's lives, and the facets of enmity, aspirations and anxieties

throughout her childhood, girlhood and motherhood.

You can read more about the book below or purchasing info, at:


Google Books:


Atif Khurshid Wani is a Kashmiri Poet, reviewer and columnist. He comes from an

educated family which belongs to Anantnag area of Kashmir Valley. Atif graduated

from Kashmir University and received his Masters from LPU, Punjab. Though he

started writing at the age of 16, it was only at LPU, where he published his first poem

titled, 'Reigning Darkness', in an International Poetry Anthology. Since then, Atif has

become part of more than 30 National and International poetry anthologies. He has

Co-Authored some anthologies as well: 'The Way We Were', 'Mourning of Mother',

'Robaroo I and Robaroo II' , 'Hibiscus', 'Moana of Dreams', 'Rhapsodie', 'Father_My Hero', 'Aulos', 'Mom's the Word.'

His poetry contribution to different magazines include: "The Love Child", "Spellbound Love", "Passionatechic", "Litlight", "Hold my Cold Heart", "Life on Lease" and 

"The Withered Throne."

In addition to his poetry, he has reviewed the books, 'Tears Fall in my Heart', 

'The Lost Princess' and 'Unheard Voices', for newspapers, Kashmir Horizon, 

Country Talks and News Horizons.

He has been named among the 100 Bards of 2019 by Literary Club and Professional
Enhancement Club, Nigeria. Currently, Atif is a research scholar at Lovely Professional

University, Punjab, India.

Front Cover_Hum Ale.jpg


'A Journey Within' is a collection of poems with a myriad of hopes

and dreams nestled in despairs, agonies, love, apathies, castigations

and resignations encountered by the author during his journey.

The same hopes and dreams evoke feelings of colorful fragments

to find a meaning behind every encounter experienced by the author.


 HUM ALE is a Nepalese Poet and Writer who received his Masters Degree with

specialization in Finance from TIBHUWAN UNIVERSITY. He worked in the Asia

Foundation and South Asia Partnership Nepal for Social Research and Financial

Management for 9 years. He also taught business students in various colleges,

and is currently involved in Banking and Finance Sectors in various capacities.


Hum Ale is keen in exploring things that come across him and tries to bring them

out for a benign world. Thus, he embraces writing to lessen disturbances out of

the chaotic world he's felt and enthuses to shape the world through his inking.

HUM ALE_Author.jpg
The Deep Touch by D.C. Gardner.jpg
Dean C Gardner_The Deep Touch.jpg


"The Deep Touch" explores the creative act and the source of ideation as the process of connectivity and juxtaposition

leading to cosmic consciousness. It is an adventure into the unknown where mind leaves the here and now for the province of

a parabola of time. In this poetic work, Author Dean C. Gardner employs innovative wordplay and vivid imagery to

explore nonbeing. "The Deep Touch" is a quest for understanding in the face of the unknown, as an overture in the form 

and substance of postmodern thought. Postmodernism is the theoretical framework of the author's books.


Dean C. Gardner studied with Dr. Campbell Tatham, a phenomenologist, at the University of Wisconsin -

Milwaukee for eight years, endowing him with the discipline to probe the unknown. Another foundation

for his books, is the work of traditional haiku poets, including Basho, Bucson and Issa - which led to

Gardner's understanding of the Zen experience as the poetic leap in Western Literature.

Gardner is a Christian phenomenologist.

Pearl of Euphoria_Back Cover.jpg

PEARL OF EUPHORIA is an assortment of poetry and

photography about nature and sentiments, bringing the

reader into something you wouldn't know, a book of

poems about life that will create tremendous


PEARL OF EUPHORIA is a collaboration book

written by Mari Felices from the Philippines and
Prasanna Kkumar from India.

Available at:


Mary Felices grew up on Taytay, Palawan but her parents were originally from Camarines Sur in the Philippines. She is the eldest among seven siblings.

Her hobbies include poetry writing, photography, singing, painting and cooking.  

She loves playing the guitar, and sometimes would try to compose songs by giving melody to some of her favorite poems. Some of her pieces were already published

in the international anthology under Ardus Publication, Hall of Poet, The Balloons, Roses and Rhyme, Dreamcatcher, Poet the Original, Canvas to my Soul and

Beautiful Mind. She was awarded as 'Poet of the Week' at Poet Dreams and at

The Creation, G+. Some of her poetry has already won awards, and she has been

a featured poet in different social media poetry groups.

Mary mainly expresses herself in words. Her writings are just part of her thoughts

and feelings. She wants to convey her words in the manner by which she could

understand them, herself.

Mary Felices_Philippines.jpg
Kkumar Prasanna.jpg

Prasanna Kkumar is a published poet and author of over 1,000 macro and micro

poems. Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, India, he acquired his Masters in Commerce

from Andhra University, having concern in issues troubling the society, he turned

toward the same, by choosing to work in the social field, having had a registered

trust, he delivers service to the needy. Being closely associated with people of

different strata, it naturally nudged him from within, to hold his pen and to write

that which touches upon the facets of life. An avid lover of nature, his pen innately

rolls on paper with rhyme and rhythm of his unique style, with almost six

anthologies to his credit, and featured alongside many other writers. He has also

received international appreciation and recognition from several poetry groups

around the world and is a moderator to some of which, he constantly tries to 

encourage other poets as well as contributing his best in the literary realms.

He has frequently been awarded as Best Poet of the Day/Week/Month several times

as well as receiving certificates of honor for rendering his hand in writing.

Prasanna Kkumar has been recognized in several Testimonials:

Diploma Di Merito, France; Honorary Ambassador of Vision - Science Fiction Centre, Macedonia; Certificate of Appreciation (Expressit Magazine), Nigeria; and Member of International Forum for Creativity and Humanity, Morocco.

Anthology of Stories: The Land of Unfree Laborers

Anthologies: Dream Catchers Anthologies; Beautiful Mind Poesies; Raindrops; Namastey Ink; Wildfire Publications; Spalash; Illusive Hearts; Love in Spring;

Love is; Motherly Hug and Voices from the Society.

Snezana Solkotovic_Book Publication.jpg
Snezana Solkotovic_Publication Image 2.j


They used to hang out when they were children. They were inseparable, full of dreams and hope. Together, they dreamed of

a happy life in the future. She knitted a flower corolla for him and he intrepidly gazed at her as they strolled through the

meadow and enjoyed their love which has bind them. On parting, he handed her a panel saying: "Keep it until I come back..."
Sheretski smiled and got onto the bus. Years had passed as the dust rose after the bus. She was waiting for him...She thought:

"He promised..." She would look up at the panel. She had heard form a friend that he had gotten married in a distant city and

had children. Dreams disappeared through the seasons, and she wrote rhymes - lyrics for the romantic melodies that touched

the heartiest of hearts. Miraculously, he heard the songs in the distant city. The tunes stunned him at the very thought of her.
he would tremble. He was told that it was her, who wrote the heartbreaking rhymes...He was thrilled thinking it was written

for him. The uncertainty bothered him. He finally decided to take the road to her which seemed endless. he watched the

familiar landscapes he had long since left through the window of the bus. It seemed as he was dreaming. "What is this?"

he wondered - shaken with aroused feelings. The nostalgia he was deeply suppressing awakened with him. On the way, 

he was wondering what to tell her...what could he even tell her...? He wondered shaking in discomfort.

He got off the bus - excitedly and eagerly walking through he familiar village road. In front of him was the same old house

where she lived. He stopped in front of her gate fearful of her reaction. Many years had passed...

The decision was made...

"I came to pick up the panel...", he delightedly looked at her beautiful appearance. A beautiful young woman handed him

the palate she had kept for years.

"I didn't mean that...", he murmured.
Suddenly, a tall blond man appeared at the door. He realized...He was touching he envelop with the palate inside with his

trembling fingers trying to erase the discomfort and disappointment; and perhaps the feeling of guilt that what he could have

had, he had lost forever....


Republic of Serbia


Love is the eternal theme. It follows and inspires the entire human life. We are born with it, grow up with it, live and die for it...

There are various kinds of love and they intertwine through the poetry of Solkotovic Snezana. They reach the horizons of 

human existence. Simple, warm verses fill the soul, give a boost for the future. The songs are "drinkable" colored with the music.

Collection of Poetry - Whisper of the Soul by Snezana Solkotovic - inspires the beauty of love...

By Professor Plato Solkotovic

Snezana Solkotovic_Author Image.jpg


SNEZANA SOLKOTOVIC is a professor in Elementary School. Writing is her hobby.

She has published poems and stories for children and adults in 19 books: 'Song is my Life',

'From a Heart to a Heart', 'In the Name of Love - Cruel Fate', 'The Source of Life', 

'When the Soul Speaks', 'The Whisper of the Wind', 'The Children's Jest', 'Doohickey', 'Dodge';

There...; A Serbian-English bilingual collection; 'The Horizons of Love'; 'The Whisper of the Soul', a Serbian-Italian bilingual collection; 'The Call of the Hearthstone/IL Richiamo del Focolare'; and 'The Dawn of Life - L'Alba Della Vitga'; A Russian-Serbian collection of poems, "The Soul's Poetry." Some of her poems are translated into Bulgarian, English,

Arabic and Macedonian. Many of her poems and stories are featured in numerous anthologies, collections and journals. She has won prestigious awards at domestic and international competitions.

Front Cover_Rakesh Chandra.jpg
Rakesh Chandra_Book Publication.jpg

CIRCLE OF LIFE is Rakesh Chandra's 2nd Book of Verses, written

by the author within the last two years. In fact, this collection is

coming out of a decade. The poems in this collection bears a stamp of

Rakesh's varied experienced life. Writing about day to day affairs,

often looking mundane, catches his eyes instantly. The author loves

the environment around - like the bright sun rays, cool breezes,

silver moon and twittering of birds, etc. He is easily influenced by

the penetrating cries of innocent children and ladies afflicted by

incessant warfare and terrorist activities. To sum up, human beings

and humanity, are the center of his creativity. Somehow, the poetic

journey is still going on and he hopes for the best which is yet to

come out of him!


Rakesh Chandra is a former civil servant belonging to the biggest province in India.

His poetic journey has been checkered, but for the last two years, the providence has

facilitated his journey. He has one more collection of poetry titled as, "Moon is Black."

His several poems have found a place in a number of newspapers, journals (national

and international), and anthologies. He has published a few books on Hindi fiction and

nonfiction, and three books of law.

Chaotic Times_Brenda_Florabelle.jpg

BRENDA MOHAMMAD and FLORABELLE LUTCHMAN, two sisters from Trinidad in the

Caribbean, have come together to bring hope, encouragement and amusement to all, in this

Anthology, "Chaotic Times: Poetry Vaccine for Covid-19."

The poems of these authors are the right vaccine for our soul in this austere, even dramatic space

and time we are going through.

It will prove to be an unforgettable remembrance of what we all went through in 2020, a year that

really never was.

The poems within are also therapeutic for the suicidal, depressed, abused, and hopeless.

The outstanding Foreword was written by Shiju H. Pallithazheth, President and Founder of

Motivational Strips. The beautiful cover design was by Motivational Strips, the world's most active

writer's forum.

Chaotic Times: Poetry Vaccine for Covid 19 was published on October 13, 2020, and became an

Amazon bestseller in Inspirational and religious poetry after three days on October 16th, 2020.

It is available in Paperback and the Kindle Version on Amazon. It is free to download.

Readers can take advantage of this opportunity and download the Kindle book at the following links:

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Amazon India


BRENDA MOHAMMAD is the Author of the Multi-award-winning, mind-blowing futuristic novel, Zeeka Chronicles. A former bank manager from Trinidad, Brenda is a multi-genre, bestselling, and multi-award-winning author of 29 books and three anthologies.

Her genres include memoirs, science fiction, romance, self-help, mystery, children's books and

poetry. In fact, her self-help book, 'How to Write for Success,' became an important guide for

new and aspiring authors.

She is the Founder of the Literary Forums, How to Write for Success, Poems for Suicide

Prevention, Library of How to Write for Success, Poems Against Domestic Violence,

Regional Director - Operations - Motivational Strips, the World's most active writers' forum,

Honorary member of the World Higher Literary Academic Council of World Nations Writers Union,

and  National President of the Union of Writers, Union Hispaniomundial de Escritores for 

Trinidad and Tobago.

She was inducted into the Indie Author's Wall of Fame in January 2020.

Brenda won several Literary Awards in the USA, Oman, Peru, Kazakhstan, Seychelles and India,

among which are The Peacock oPinion Honour, a distinguished award of appreciation that falls

under LEVEL 1 in terms of all honors summed up, conferred on her by Motivational Strips,

and the Gujarat Sahitya Akademi Award under State Government of Gujarat, for Literary

excellence on par with Global Standards.

Brenda Mohammad.jpeg
Florabelle_Profile Image.jpg

FLORABELLE LUTCHMAN, a prolific writer of articles and poems, is a retired School

Principal and retired teacher of two prestigious private primary schools. She now owns

her own private school to train students for the Secondary School Examinations.

Florabelle is Secretary of he Local Board in her Presbyterian Church. She was a Co-Author

in three bestselling Anthologies spear-headed by the Founder of How to Write for Success

and Regional Director, Operations of Motivational Strips.

They are "A Spark of Hope" - Books 1 and 2: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives from

Suicide," and the ground breaking "Break the Silence: An Anthology Against Domestic


On the 15th of August 2020, Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya AKademi under 

State Government of Gujarat, honored 350 writers of which Florabelle was one, for
Literary Excellence on par with Global Standards.

Williams Ji Maveli_Book.jpg
Williams Ji Maveli_Publication Front bac


The poetry collection of Williamsji Maveli titled "S. O . U . L. S" has been an eye opener in terms of delving deep into the myriad aspects of life in

an in-depth and vibrant manner. The poems in this book are suffused with themes that are very relevant for the present day society. These poems

are also advocates of social change. The most visible elements that are brought forth through these poems in this collection, are the well-versed

and well-entrenched ways of looking at issues, the renewed positivity inherent in them, the simplicity in presentation, lovely in sum and substance,

melodious in their compositions and the overall style of putting forward, things in such a way, that drives home the messages of peace and tranquility all along.

These poems do bring into the surface, so many issues concerning the commonality of poetry writing but the cardinal point that sets apart 

the book of poems, is the unique way in which it is approached by the author concerned, the fundamental ideas that are introduced through

the poems of this book are the mighty nature of the pen in transforming the society and wiping out the social ills inherent in it, the self-sacrifice

for the sake of others welfare, the internal feelings of human selves, the way of seeing the body as a sacred place, the darkness prevailing in this

world, the emotion of love in all its dimensions and angles, the concept of true love, the good Samaritans of the society, the wonders innate in

Mother Earth, the power of God in altering the course of the world, he supernatural elements of this world, the simple aspects of life, the beauty

of sunset, the blissful experiences of human society and the everlasting emotion of hurtless love.

The other features which do play important roles in terms of the poems of this significant book are the negative and positive sides of life,

the enduring value of life, the gentleness and tenderness of life, the poetic endeavors, the sandwiched sort of life existing in present society,

the existential crisis the human beings undergo in their lives, the life as a symbol of wider meanings, the broken nature of life in this world,

the indolence and laziness of life, the lascivious side of human personality, the heterogeneities of life, the loneliness felt of human beings in present society, the holiness associated with life, the amusements of life, the turbulences and turmoils of life, the aesthetic and artistic elements of life,

the passionate perspectives of life and life as presented as sedate and dormant.

As the book reaches its crescendo, the poems in it, reflect so many sides and shades of life, such as the struggles and lamentations of human beings, the relentless and restless spirit shown to fight against adversities and atrocities lingering around society, the description about the underprivileged

and the dispossessed sections of society, the narration over the heavenly bodies and their ebullient nature, the delineation over the final journey

called death and its aftermath, the marginalization and penalization people go through in their lives, the dwelling upon of spirituality and the

universal love as a force of redemption, ultimately.

Through these poems, Williamsji has shown that his sense of reach and propagation is far beyond the imagination of poetic compositions,

his dexterity spills over into various domains and realms in multiple ways, his voice is a voice of refreshing nature in the arena of poetry today,

let this remarkable voice become a guiding light to poets everywhere in the world of the future. I wish him all the future successes in his poetic


Professor Cijo Joseph Chennelil

HOD (English Dept)

Kristujyoti College of Management and Technology

Chethipuzha, Changanassary, Kottayam District, Kerala, India.

Williams J Maveli_Author Image.jpg

Williamsji Maveli's book, S. O. U. L. S can be found at:

Google Play

Amazon, Kindle Edition


Apple Books





Williamsji Maveli has authored five books in his Mother tongue, Malayalam, one of 

the regional languages in India. In English, his famous books are:

Hello Poetry, S. O. U. L. S (Spirituality of Unknown Luminaries Symphony)

A. B. O. D. E. (Aesthetic Bliss of Divine Entity)


One of his books has already been translated to Hindi Language titled, SOUL'S CALL.

Currently, he is busy with his manuscripts of his two books, "Essence of Paradise" and "In Sight."

Williamsji Maveli is the Regional President - Middle East for the Global Writers Platform - Union Hispanomundial de Escritores (UHE) and Founder of Whorled Wide Writers, world's most active writers' forum. He is a member of World Nations Writers Union, holding an additional honorary member status in their academy, World Higher Literary Academic Council (WHLAC). He is currently supporting worldwide writers

by way of his trilogy named as IN DEPTH, INSIGHT and INSPIRE.

He has won many prestigious honorary awards for his literary excellence in literature, both in English as well as Mother-tongue Malayalam. A freelance journalist from Kerala,  Williamsji Maveli wears his many featured caps with elegance. He has created a place

for himself in the world of poetry and literary review writing and contributes regularly

to many poetry websites and groups. Poetry writing for him is a deep passion, and 

his poetry depicts realities in life, coupled with spirituality in love and longings.

Williamsji Maveli is currently working as a freelance web content writer and designer

at Bangalore and Cochin in India. Earlier, he had worked for ETISLALAT, THURAYA SATELLITE CORPORATIONS, ME PUBLISHERS, KHALEEJ TIMES, GULF NEWS & GULF TODAY - ALL news Agencies in United Arab Emirates.

Whispers of the Heart by Jyotirmaya Thak

WHISPERS OF THE HEART, published by Clever Fox Publishing.


The poems in this book are set in a voice that speaks to the readers, often pondering, 

puzzling and giving in to impulses of the heart. The ordinary pleasures and terrors of

life are woven into lyrics by the poet. Like a master craftsman, the poet has kneaded,

turned, glazed and fired the poems into life.

Thoughts have been shaped with care and emotions showing unexpected consequences,

Jyotirmaya Shakur has been highly successful in avoiding what Dr. Johnson called,

"temporary poems." The poems in her book, show accuracy, spontaneity and mystery,

and she has the ability to see and describe things as they really are.

The author's fertile imagination and utter lack of pretensions can be seen in her work

in this anthology. The perfection seen in 'imperfection' of love, the 'Secrets' that eat 

at us like parasites, the feeling of sheer mystery and greatness in 'Undress',

'At the Universe beneath your melanin' and finally, the various masks that humans

have been wearing their entire lives in, 'Wearing Masks.'

Whispers of the Heart can be found under the category of Sufism and Love.

23 Published books under her name, 2 under publication and 7 more to be published

by 2020-2021 (20 Books on Amazon, two on Bokeman and one on Flipkart).

The author has written 4 books in the Category of Healing and Peace, 3 books 

in the category of Realism and Humanism, 4 books under Sufism and Love, 3 books

under Nature and Environment, 3 books in the category of Transcendentalism &

Global Vision, 3 books in the category of Spiritual and Philosophical, 4 books in

category of Mystical and Metaphysical, 3 books in category of Feminism and Women

Empowerment,  2 books in category of Literary and Social Research, 2 Books in

category of Fiction (1 book out of the 2 is a Memoir -Biography),, and 1 Short story

which is based on real lives.

Many of the Jyotirmaya Thakur's poetry books, including Whispers of the Heart

can be found on:






Jyotirmaya Thakur_profile image.png


Jyotirmaya Thakur is a retired Principal, and author of twenty-three books,

with many waiting to be published and translated in 57 languages in

International anthologies. She is a Hindu Translator in ITHACA magazine

of Spain. She is a Multi-Genre Award Winner, Reviewer, Columnist, Editor,

Academician, Motivational Speaker, a Philanthropist, a true Scholar and a

Spiritual and Social Activist.

Jyotirmaya is an Internationally renowned poet and writer, who has won

numerous awards, for both her literature and humanitarian efforts. 

She exemplifies the ideal that writing is more than just words on paper.

It is a means of creating positive changes in the world. She is a publicist

and a public relations guru as she extends a hand to other writers,

promoting them as a senior colleague, mentor or guide.

Mohan Lal Verma_Songs of Humanity.jpg
Mohan Lal Verma_Image 2 back cover.jpg


The Songs of Humanity is the debut poetry book consisting of 80 poems,

composed by Mohan Lal Verma. This book advocates human values and

only one religion: Humanity. The writer includes poems such as Hope,

Optimism, Belief, Love, Co-operation, Appreciation, Devotion, Compassion,

Honesty,Vision, etc., and these poems not only ignite human values in

the heart of readers, but they will generate a new energy to lead in their

successful lives. They will be able to get their aim with a positive attitude,

and Mohan's book will create scientific thoughts above superstitious concepts.

Author, Mohan Lal Verma hopes that all readers will like it and give their suggestions

to do better in the future.

His book can be found online, below:









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