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The Pain by Oleksandra Babiichuk

Oleksandra's poem was featured in Issue # 4 (August/September Edition) of ILA on Editor's Choice Section yet, thought to feature also on the Blog for those that might have missed reading her poem.

The pain is unbearable,
the pain is patient,
the pain is adult, the pain is childish,
the pain is bodily and it's sighted,
and spiritually blind.

All the brothers are from the same bosom,
and the trees are from the same crown,
which bears so much fruit,
the whole world has eaten enough of it.

The fruits contain seeds,
from which a person suffers,
this is a werewolf plant, not viburnum,
not raspberry the body pricks like
bramble and scorches
like a piece of burning coal,
the whole middle smolders in agony
and fades away like a day.
Death mows people like a meadow,
the world is sad,
the whole earth is washed with tears,
trouble is shrouded in pain.

© 2021

The Pain by Oleksandra Babiichuk
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