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The Game of Life

Written by Radhika Tytler

I am surpassed and degraded and laughed at
by some
Then, I am honored and loved and praised
by some
I am the same mind and the same heart
who swears to be good always
I take the world as the tide
Sometimes high or sometimes low
I am compared with cheated and lied to
by some
and I am loved, admired and dreamt of
by some
I have sworn to be passionate in my heart and in my soul
I know things will fall into place
where they are meant to
so why worry
when the Almighty is with me all the time.
He knows my emotions and feelings
I face life with His power
Good and bad I see
and I smile at this world for its deeds.
It is easy this way
to have a good heart and soul
for the rest, the Almighty is always
there to protect me
I just play the game of life
quietly and in remorse!

The Game of Life
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