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Pour Yourself a Poem

Written by Amrita Mallik

Amrita is one of our 16 Biweekly Picks from last week's Best Poems we have chosen to be published.

Are your feelings hard, and troubling you much?
Seek solace in a poem, as a crutch.

The way you hold a brush to paint the white,
or, the feel, when a chocolate you bite.

Exaggerate it not, but make it soft,
a poem shouldn't be a plunderer's loft.

Compare giving your child a balmy hug,
and you'll find, how no emotions can bug.
Write a poem, and make it the hot sun,
spreading warmth and light without any dun.

An asteroid can't trip The Milky Way,
observe how the planets manage to play.

Astronomers can't detect all the stars,
scribble on; it's only your mind that bars.

A poem is like the resplendent moon,
gracefully glistens and showers a boon.
Just like you, your poem should be novel,
don't worry, if you can't make it grovel.

With your feelings it will flow like a brook,
however, be assured, it'll never rook.

Splash all the colors of your life in your rune,
and, you'll create a melodious tune.
Imbibe cues abundant, but never ape,
be true, and you can be a welcome cape.

Pour Yourself a Poem
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