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Meaningful Quotes

"A poet has the capacity to think about "Emotion recollected in tranquility", according to the poet, William Wordsworth (1770-1850).

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), is famous as the poet who rarely left the house but often journeyed to the depths of the human heart.

Poets and poetesses are described as creators in the form of thinkers, songwriters, authors, maestro composers of poems, prose or music, performing art to their audiences, having art in the form of paintings, photography, sculptures, to name a few and talents found in each.

"Darkness of night is painted bright by the brushes of beams in a bright painter named, 'SUN', the handsome!!"

Sonal Rao
Contributing Guest Editor
India "There are times
when a poet's mind
is a lovely well,
landscaped garden ablaze
with vibrant blooms, but
at other times, that garden
becomes wild with weeds,
and yet its artistry
never diminishes." © Myrtle Reyes E. Tejada
Philippines "Shifting of sands in the desert has its own
artistic pattern which can't be replicated;
Humming of bees or twittering of birds
remind us of the music of life. The waves of
the sea or the thunder of clouds follow
a pattern, invisible to the naked eye.
Those who succeed in deciphering the meaning,
enjoy life; Those who don't, regret." © Kalucharan Sahu India

Meaningful Quotes
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