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On February 2 - 3, 2022, we held a 'Word of the Week' Prompt Challenge, asking if they could be any great leader, poet or iconic figure in history, who would they love to be and why and requested they apply the word, 'Erudite' into a poem or passage. All poets in the challenge wrote fabulous poetry, yet it was the poem below, that touched the core of our hearts. THE GREAT ME, TOMORROW The Great Me, Tomorrow
A wish, I nurture persistently
With absolute perseverance
I focus constantly
Building future of relevance
A legacy, to build all
In the room of wisdom
My impact, a forestall
Nescience in my kingdom.
If fate guarantees me long
I wish, I am a consultant
An encyclopedia so important
Like an ocean flows
My memory rows
Growing in reference
Glowing learned inference.
I will not die, my sole wish
As a cenobite, I flourish
In community of the intellectuals
I will be an Erudite
To beget many Erudites
With my sophisticated punditry
Questing for know-wizardry
Immortalizing my memory
In the geniuses' territory.
Like Shakespeare's retired life
In 1616, still firing so rife
In the terrain of literary world
I am building my world
To be remembered and referred with beauty
As an erudite of high intellectual fecundity.

© Ikwulono Mohammed Senison
Country: Nigeria

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