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Recently, our guest editor, Mayyu Hamim , offered a prompt challenge to poets with the option of choosing one of ten prompts presented to them. He has chosen five poets and this is what he mentioned recently before announcing his 'Best Entries': "All five poems stood out for their lyrical quality and thematic depth. All composed exceptional adherence to the guidelines." STARRY REFLECTIONS

Awesome, beautiful, starry night
The twinkling of the stars so bright
The moon still hides and out of sight
Their wondrous twinkling comes brighter in sight.

Constellations mapping the skies
Enhanced by zooming shooting stars
Oh, those precious jewels of the night
Makes my heart wonder like a child!

My dreams are there floating in space
Mingling with the glittering lights so great
I wish that their reflections be upon myself
That I, too, may glitter in my place.

Then, suddenly, my turn came to shine
When my dreams touch a wishing star
Lots of memories prop up to inspire
My muse overflows and satisfies my desire.

And my creativity touches many hearts
Reflections of that bright, starry night
Finally, the moon shows its bright, shining light
My ecstasies shared by readers apart.

With the Holy Spirit, my dreams come true
Through it, lights my mind, construes
And I'm always able to complete my views
Always positive God will see me through.


In the silence of the night
The silver moon is in sight
The witness to my unseen fright
My sole companion in the toughest plight.

She listens to my unheard sigh
Embraces me gently when I cry
Enlightens my gloomy sky
Until the tears begin to dry.

She knows my silent battle
The fight which is difficult to handle
She calms me with her cuddle
Hums a lullaby as I sleep on her mantle

I whisper all my worries to her
And expose my deepest pain ever
She becomes my shock absorber
And my best therapeutic healer.

Beneath the silver moon, I find rest
To this life's exhausting test
The home of my unending quest
In finding peace and solace at its best!


Should I always be strong?
I wish I still have time to try
And hide away the wrong
So none will see me cry.

You don't see me in pain
I can hide far in sight
Drape those tears in the rain
Time to give up this fight.

I can't afford to beg
Never will I be a load
Lonely tomb should I dig
By wayside or by the road.

Don't shed a tear for me
I have run my race
Like dewdrops in the hay
I took the fall from grace.

Never I'll be sorry
The night when I am dead
This life hasn't tarry
All of these are in my head.

Sing to me oh, glorious
With a harp and lullaby
This life is getting obvious
Like a lonely passerby

Not in a word you'll see
The whispers of my heart
This can't always be me
'Cos I choose to depart

I can't wait for the old age
Defeated by the sickness
I will tear down this page
Can't be that hapless

Sing to me in chorus
Like a one-way ticket ride
I will end all my sorrows
Never fear, never hide.

Bring me to the midnight sun
I have so much fun
Goodbye to you my dearest
May I have my peaceful rest.



The beautiful glow on rock faces below,
Beneath the silvery moon at night
I love the way the starlight entwines,
The combination, perfect, just right.
Up above is that perfect glow,
Many colors, so pure and bright,
Reflections on all ice and snow,
Like a kaleidoscope, a colorful site.

As in life, the glow is beautiful,
Caused naturally, beneath the silvery moon
If only more people would open their eyes,
The nocturnal hours would draw you in soon
To the positive day that lies ahead.
But most of us, just sleep in our beds.
Wake up, good people!
Let's seize the night
Beneath the silvery moon so bright
Take in the pleasure of nocturnal light
And fill your heart with such sheer delight.

Take in every second,
Time too ticks on by,
As does this spectrum,
The great moon upon high.
And before you know it,
It's gone way too soon,
That natural light show,
Beneath the silvery moon.



Today I sat on the armchair
Watching the gentle rain on the windowsill.
The sound of the pitter-patter on the rooftop,
this music of the falling rain...
Hmm...brings numerous memories along
How can I ever forget the walk we took
hand in hand, the water dripping down our faces
Your talks were the whispers of the heart,
Your enchanting smile makes my heart skip beats
It's neither a siege nor a courtship
but it's a lifelong promise
Every nerve and tissue of mine
says...I am one with you.
The advent of monsoon fills the air
with love and romance.


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