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© Written by Sai Prakash Impressed by the grandeur of the garden
I sat in front of the canvas with the finest of brushes
Roses, Lilies, even lotus appeared in my mind.

As most of them already had been depicted
This time a rare species caught my attention

Dark green leaves sharp like swords
No curls, no twists, plain thoughts
The flowers too very distinct
Each rejoicing in their individuality
A bold statement of mixed color and emotions
Uniquely independent in their existence.

Wish I could breathe in life
So that I can listen to their stories
though not aloud but a few whispers. Sir Sai Prakash was chosen as "Honeybee" Effort Recognition for the month of September, for all of his poetic contributions, and for his selfless interactions with other poets and artists. The poem above, we chose to present here on ILA. He originally posted with another artist's work of art, though we did not ask the artist for permission, to use her work, I chose not to feature with his poem.

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