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Featuring SAKEENA JABEEN, two of her poems and her photography of homeland, Kashmir. "UNTITLED" In search of other half of mine
meet with smile, every frowny eye
dared to scare their pose.
Sometimes titled a homesick
sometimes brainless chap
as I dared back to retain their gaze
knoweth they not what I'm going through.
Yes, a continuous chain of pleasing pain
surely taketh my life's merriment
but they have to buzz as bee
and roar as wounded tiger.
Calmly forgotten every frowny eye
behold when smiling visage of parents
whose toil rendered them old and grey
though smile back on ceasing me upset.
Beseeching God with pure heart,
meet me with other half of mine
would be inquisitive epitome of love
as hath two more lovely lilies
behold me always, they their precious pearl
and in heart they know deep.
Would be their thick shade in wail 'n' woe,
O' Merciful, benevolent Lord,
plead thee to grant my plea
let this miracle happen!

© SAKEENA JABEEN "SPRING_LET'S PARTY" Behold here and there
hills, vales, dales and dunes
full of bloom and rejoice,
bees buzz and singing harks,
along the rhythmic flow of brook -
the hopping larks and shiny dew.

Rays of sun on my windowsill,
swaying along the bunch of lilies
as they hop in awe and glamour -
Hark! They are playing soft and decent,
the strings of their flute are well
as they collab with swaying wind
so gentle and soothing touch -
Hark! The clock is ticking fast,
whispering in beats all around
It's Spring, let's party!!!


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