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Sleeping with Books

After a long day, I found myself too tired and sleepy
Did not notice that I slump on the floor, closed my eyes and slept soundly
In the middle of the night, my body froze with fright
For some unknown people ran fast after me with sheer delight

Tried to run as fast as I can in the dark forest
But got lost, for my legs hurt and did not make any progress
It was good that I found an empty hut around
But it rained heavily and water fell on my crown.

At last, I saw the sun sneaking from the window
I gasped for breath for I saw a black shadow
OMG! It was my pet cat jumping at me
For every morning she wants my cozy company.

I did not notice that books became my bed and cover for the night
I really love reading for it thrills my mind with great delight
I did not realize that the stories I read would come alive
In my dream where excitement and fear made me want to survive.

The love for reading instilled in me a discipline that became my cane
That helped me with the knowledge I need to obtain
I would not be what I am today if I do not have a fondness for reading
Books and other materials are the backbones of my learning.

Though I am already old, reading stories is still my favorite habit
It is hard to pass a day without reading, even just a bit
Reading makes me enjoy the dull moments of my life
While struggling to ward off my life's strife.

© Dolores Lapinid

Sleeping with Books
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