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Poems of Brevity

The following Micro poems were chosen as "Best Entries" from a July 9th offering we presented to poets on our Facebook Group. Oh! Autumn breath of winter's memory
Caught on to the picnic dreams of destiny
Passing fair, the weathered remnants of memory
Along the void lanes of endless dreams
Hold back the tears of love that flow
Girlish wishes, turning into flakes of snow

© Kanisha Shah "Remained Tone" Enchanting memories
Skulking within obsolescence
Yet the patter roared

"Say it in 10 Words"

© Yanny Widjanarko
Indonesia "A Short Poem" Some griefs died in the silence of lips
Some are sitting on the tip of pen,
But they've never been written.
If you can understand the pain,
Then preserve the lonely teardrop,
Twinkling in the eyes since ages...!!

© Fatima Z. Sarah
India I am that poet
Who walks barefooted
In the deserted land
Searching for solace.

© Ubali Ibrahim Hashimu
An Infant Poet Gashua, Nigeria

Poems of Brevity
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