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Mohammad Ali Aznabi

Mohammad Ali Aznabi was chosen as one of three Poets of the Week from October 2nd - 8th from our ILA Magazine Facebook Group. "ON MY BIRTHDAY" How many ages have passed
In the reservoir of hundreds of forms
I was from time immemorial
In the mystery of love -
My journey to you is eternal
Where is the end of that ocean!

Acting for a few days
On this stage of life cycle -
The identity amidst laughter and tears!
I will depart again like a shadow
When the sun will sink
Into the darkness of the horizon,
Your reunion call will come
Transactions of the worldly existence will end
Songs of ecstasy will be played.

The bounds of the finite will be dissolved
You and I will be One -
Pains of separation will come to an end!
I am the mirror - You are the image in it
Everyone will know Your glory in my life.

© Mohammad Ali Aznabi

Mohammad Ali Aznabi
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