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(Collaboration between Carl Scharwath, shoots and Lyn B. Pastrana, writes)

She is so fragile and delicate
Any strong feeling of tension he creates
May break her whole at any rate
She is a woman of essence without any debate
Don't play with her transparent heart, she can't accommodate
Could it be made of pure glass?

Love her with a faithful devotion
Not of any selfish emotion
Or to fill his own expectations
She only needs a little appreciation
Bu if he lay callous harsh hands on her body, where's his affection?
Could it be made of pure glass?

She's a rare gem, yes, she is so precious!
He should hold her under his gentle arms must be gracious
And polish with his tender loving touch unpretentious
He will be amazed so tremendous
If she crowns him with the finest crown that's marvelous
Could it be made of pure glass?

Oh, a crown made of gold that he can treasure!
Not easily broken unlike her beyond measure
But she's trying everything to make sure
To bend into his wishes and dreams not to lure
But to please him, so do not forget or disfigure
She could be made of pure glass!

© Lyn B. Pastrana 2021

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