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"A ROLLING MOMENT OF HARMONY" On an pretty pleasure move
And where feathered wings spring;
A maiden's delight! my eyes owned:
And meddled my heart to sing

Out that...of its majesty,
Thrusting out its lore of desire -
Affected by an out-show without compare; Her entreat of beauty! the admire:

And she...of a high maiden's rank - - - the most. precious; Her warm melting smile...
Seemingly! was on its way to lure me,
Alas! love only came that near of a embodied mile

On an isle, where felt the constant fever of love;
Where! at another day's end-as observe earth! the moon's silver light;
Be a beggar's enjoy, the savored content
Of a rolling moment; a reality...drawn of shared delight © Henry Farrell "IN DREAM OF LOVE'S OATHEN QUILL" As the day's noon shadow fall - - -
With the blue sky smiling at me - and
the murmuring wind in lonely birds' call,

My eyes - - - true of Stella vision!
Are no less in fact...
Than in fancy of beauty - - -
And the abide! love makes a forcible entry

As I gaze devoutly with interest:
But dare I...with impulsive movement,
Honor the dreamy stupor with impulses
Set on stealing my senses,

Or as to calm! subdue my urge
Ostentatiously blatant of desire deep shadow-form!
Could vehemently move me to perform

From a startled heart,
Its awaken mind's obtain; With the eye! its true secret of effect,
It's most engaging! in the essay of love,
as beauty reflects.

© Henry Farrell

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