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An Honorable Dedication

(In Remembrance of Jenny) © By Carl Scharwath Jennifer Link (Jenny) is my angel in heaven. She was a great friend and my muse who introduced me to photography. She was always a champion of my writing and running, and one day, we had a talk about my college days long ago and how I once had the passion of oil painting. Of course, she brought up the point that painters have a good eye for art and have I ever considered photography?

My answer was no, as writing had become my current craft until she said she could model for me. I thought this would be a fun activity for two friends, even though I did not have a camera, I decided to meet her with a now outdated cell phone. The rest as they say, was history, as photography became my new love and even inspired me to paint again and to combine both my photography and paintings. This is where my "Paintography" came into the picture.

Jenny is the inspiration for every photo I will ever take and her memory lives on in every frame. Below, I share some of our model shoots and honor what a truly great friend she was.

Carl Scharwath

An Honorable Dedication
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