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Updated: Feb 5


Dozens of Civilians Die Every Day

Dozens of civilians are dying

to the sounds of loud sirens,

houses are engulfed in flames,

photos of the nearby rusty antennas.

The earth groans, freed from the masses,

once carrying the streams to the sea,

dozens of old grimaces drowned,

The Kahovka disaster is a new national grief.

You fall asleep alive,

the alarm cries by a siren,

God save me from the rocket tonight

let my leg not fall in the gangrenous.

© Vyacheslav Konoval


The Creaking Bench Will Receive You Hospitably

The creaking bench will receive you hospitably.

She is besieged by old chestnuts.

You sit silently, meditating innocently,

about the eternal duel between good and all-powerful evil.

Some of us die at the front,

and someone hiding, is stealing millions.

Someone will help a little

And for some, money is like those promotional coupons.

The main speaker tells fables.

The owner of the villa carries lies.

A young man has habits of an old man.

He is a pet of the system that everyone wants.

Here is a tall boar walking along the beach

and everyone knows him as the former owner of state property.

He fled cowardly to Austrian affairs.

A boar goes there and tastes ice cream for free.

There are many such figures

in power from the bottom to the top,

and many executioners among them.

A queue is formed to steal money.

What kind of state will be tomorrow?

If there are enough thieves in it.

I take my hat off to the righteous, today.

© Vyacheslav (Slava) Konoval

Vyacheslav Konoval is a Ukranian poet whose work is devoted to the most pressing social problems of our time, such as poverty, ecology, relations between the people and the government and war. His poems have appeared in many magazines, including 'Anarchy Anthology Archive', 'International Poetry Anthology', 'Literary Waves Publishing', 'Sparks of Kaliopa', 'Reach of the Song 2022', 'Diogenes for Culture Journal', 'Scars of my heart from the war', 'Poetry for Ukraine', 'Rhyming', 'La page Blanche', 'Impacted', 'Military Review', 'The Lit', 'Allegro', 'Innisfree Poetry Journal', 'Antunes Galaxy Poetry', 'Ekscentrika', 'Mere Inklings', 'EgoPhobia', 'Fulcrum', 'Omnibus', 'Lothlorien Poetry Journal', 'Revisita Literaria', 'Taller Igitur', 'Tarot Poetry Journal', 'Tiny Seed Literature Journal', 'Best American Poetry Blog', 'Quilled Ink Review', 'Chronograph Poetry Journal', 'The Appalachian Journal', 'Dark Horse', 'Agape', 'Mascara Literary Journal', 'Lyrical Somerville', 'Charleston Poets', 'Briefly Zine', 'Varied Spirit', 'Taos Poetry Journal', 'The Skinny Poetry Journal', 'Academy of the Heart and Mind Journal', 'ARIEL CHART', 'International Literary Journal', 'Poesia Ultracontemporanea', 'New Ulster 124', 'Revista Cronopio', 'Gothic Nature', 'WordCityLit', 'TSaunders Pubs', 'London Grip New Poetry', 'Mill Valley Literary Review', 'Zeitglass', 'The Coin', 'Coal Literary Journal', 'Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal', 'Diamonds in the Rough Magazine', 'Spy Community Media', 'Delmarva Review', 'Synchronized Chaos Journal', 'The Horror Zine Journal', 'The Bosphorus Review', 'The Cloud Poetry', 'Redbrick', 'Cacti Fur'.

Vyacheslav's poems have been translated into Spanish, French, Scottish, Italian and Polish languages. His poems also have been read at meetings of various other poetry groups, including Newman Poetry Group, Never Talk Innocence, Voicing Art Poetry Reading for Ukraine, Worcester County Poetry, Brussels Writer's Circle, Poets Anonymous May Middle-Met, Brett Show by Andrea, The Manx Bard group, Allinghman Art Festival, Versopolis Poetry Expo 2023 Poetry Readings, Poetry of Struggle, Solidarity, Poetic Voices, Coal Literary Journal's Eve, Presentation at Albert van Abbehuis Fling, and International Human Rights Art Festival.

Vyacheslav's poems were presented at War Art Project.

He is a member of the Federation of Scottish Writers.

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