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Strollers, toys, lullabies Pale shades of blue, All the things that are today So shiny and so new. As you sleep so peacefully Your tiny eyes shut tight, I sit and smile proudly at this blessed sight. This tiny being born from love Depends so much on me. Every choice I make from now, Determines who you'll be. Such great responsibility Now thrown into my hands. Look to God for strength each day, And footprints in the sand. Until that day that you are grown I'll be right by your side Every moment in my life Filled with joy and pride. I can't help thinking how time flies How fast you will soon grow I cherish every moment now, More than you'll ever know. Strollers, toys, lullabies, Pale shades of blue, All the things that will one day No longer be so new. © Kanisha Shah

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