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© Written by Rosemarie Miranda


Rosemarie's poem was chosen among eight poems out of a total of 24 entries in ILA Magazine's Facebook group, from a challenge offered last week: "Your heart has just scheduled a meeting with you. What's on your heart's agenda that needs to be discussed." Poets were required to write a poem as if in deep conversation with their heart and also required to apply words given to them (from a weekly vocabulary post), inserted into their poetry. "Are you ready for a date?" My heart said one day Her winsome smile matched the tintinnabulation of the heartstrings Pounding on my chest like an echo She chose a dimly-lit corner in a bistro Her red lips sporting a smile about to turn into a guffaw "I did it", she jubilantly cried as she saw me come to her After I got settled, her mood shifted She became somber, aorta pulsating, "Rose, you work too hard, learn to rest only then can you give and share your best" "You have given too much love in this lifetime" "Divert your energy to rhythm and rhyme" "Only then can your life be meaningful" I gaped at her like a long-lost friend She is my conscience, no need to pretend We both sipped our Bloody Mary Then she left in such a hurry A winsome smile plastered on her face then she vanished without a trace hidden under my chest, her rightful place.


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