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The Culmination of Our Views


Devastating thoughts hinder

And culminate our views

Life was so easy

Now difficult paths have become easy

I strive for the powers of my mind

To flow in poetry

I have made my world

My comfort zone

Yet the storms with thunder

Spoil the foilage of my soil

Yet I don't complain

And carry on

The world is drowning in problems

People don't know what to do

Hence brotherhood has bonded them together

Life won't be easy in the coming years

No one knows how and when

This ordeal will stop

I search for sorrows

Shed a few tears

Music sends me into a trance

And then I smile

God has given me the will to write

And l compose lines

To bring cheer to the world

As we all live in it together

I bring smiles for every soul

I write romance to make the blossoms blush

I compose sorrow to grieve with the broken hearts

Yet we have the power to rejuvinate after a tragedy

And carry the world forward

With the little offsprings

Who have to be taught the ways of the world

They are the future of our planet

Generation to generation they will pass the word of knowledge

Faith is what subjugates all our thoughts

To hinder or

To culminate our views !!!!

© Radhika Tytler


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