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Snapshots from the Heart

Featuring the work of photographer/poetess, Norah Bolubatolu Ratu and her snapshots from the heart. She has been frequently chosen as "Best Entry" in many of ILA Magazine's Facebook Group offerings of visual arts and literature and we are including all here, her poetry and photography, in this special presentation of her.



The memories of you will remain the beautiful past I must leave fast Get on with the task Bury our past and leave you there.

© Norah Bolubatolu Ratu



Breathtaking scenery Yet it's like shattered glass of broken pieces of my heart Tears like waterfall, unstoppable Every sunset is a fading light of your memories so some say That slips through your fingers and gets lost in time yet for me, the process is a repetition of shattered glass When can it go away When can the hurting end or will it remain haunting memories with every setting sun

© Norah Bolubatolu Ratu


Many innocent lives out there like the flowers of white so beautiful All entrusted to you and I Nurture then, to bloom later in life My flower garden collection © Norah Bolubatolu Ratu


"SUNSET" (Acrostic)

Serenity Unspeakable Nature's Solace Enjoyed Now

© Norah Bolubatolu Ratu


"MOON" More illuminated other days you're barely visible Obvious is your never-ending cycle Now strong energetic tomorrow old and feeble My life our life you symbolize over and over year in year out My loved ones that now rest with you Oh moon

© Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

Shot of the moon, 5 am in the west.


The setting sun of my island home, Milne Bay Dawns on me this date three months ago The setting sun cuddled you and carried you away from my sight as I watched in silence with a broken heart The pain that still stings like I've been stung by a bee The haunting memories of you So fresh in my mind, grief-stricken life I live without you Your silence is a grave in the home It hurts so much that words I cannot ink fully my brokenness I miss you so much my dear friend and brother Ed You may never know the vacuum in my heart © Jaynobo Jaymes


Clouds watching in silence as the sun sets in the west, captured on mobile phone


"SUNSET II" Alone is golden Golden and peaceful Peaceful alone Alone outdoors Outdoor where there's magic Magic in sunset Sunset I love alone © Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

The following sunset images were captured on mobile phone:


Morning light Though dull the sight Am feeling right For the air is cool Clouds of wool Keep back the sun Until I am done Morning light © Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

Pretty yellow flowers and morning sky in a slider show:


Nature's best from the photographer's collection she has been blessed with in her own backyard also featured in a slide show.





The setting sun I glare at the sight Painted stain of love in the sky Soothing pounding beats of love Yet too far I stretch unable to touch Can hear your heartbeat in my mind Yet it dawns on me, it's just a memory © Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

Sunset captured by mobile phone:


"FLOWERS" Feelings embedded images Lifting hearts in the morn Overwhelmed with sorrow we drown With such inviting colors we can rise Empty out our heartaches at this sight Remove all fears, falling in love with nature. © Norah Bolubatolu Ratu


Norah Bolubatolu Ratu is the Photographer/Writer's full name. Her pen name is known throughout Social media as Jaynobo Jaymes. She is from Papua New Guinea and a single parent of two boys. She is a secondary school teacher trained in music and English, post graduate diploma in teaching with 24 years experience.

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