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SAI PRAKASH - Feature Poetry


Are we really? Oh ! Dear BARDS Let's ask ourselves time and again the same question Are we a Niche above ? Before we conclude Listen to the songs of nature How rhythmic they sound Listen to the folksongs How near they are to nature San pen and paper They reflect the best of verse and word Beacon of light illuminating the paths unknown. Have you ever heard the wild calls that resonate Even the souls of the trees enthralled Learning from dictionaries Those artificial colors We try to paint our grand canvas Look for a while at the creator's grandeur The perfect canvas filled with life and lovely creatures A permanent ballad that stays fresh throughout many millennia From the crickets that make a constant screech, beneath your feet To the Cuckoo that sings on seasonal change The brook that runs from West to East The waves hitting the shorelines Poetry is live in every single aspect Oh ! Dear Bards are we a niche above! © Sai Prakash


MOBILE FEAST I saw hundred hands filming the accident Not a single pair to rescue Man became worse than a beast with a mobile device Sweeping humanity under the carpet © Sai Prakash

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