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Poetry Feature of Khursheed Wani

"The Poet's Jasmine"

Let me sit next to you In a corner of blue The voice of your emotion' Still as calm as the ocean, You are the poet's Jasmine, More fragrant I won. Seeing you brought tears to my eyne Spring came as the tears fell, oh my sweven

In your love I got benignity Oh let me love more, I'll find serenity.


"The Comforts" In a fervid life, All come from the real love, Shall I behold thy face? Or fix thy ponytail. Sagacity is flowing, Loaded with patois, Life is hook, line and sinker, In sooth, is on the gravy train. May I always be addicted to thy love? Novel, practical and inviting, Oh, thou art blessed I'm tickled pink.


Khursheed Ahmad Wani is an avid writer who has written many poems, limericks and haiku's. Apart from being a poet, he is a teacher, co-author and columnist. He is from Kashmir, India. When he's not working, he loves to play cricket.

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