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DEAR BARDS Dear Bards, let's make them obnubilate battalions of people arrived and departed but thou are alive and continue to stay alive I told them thy soul will never evanesce but they respond to me, I'm "rattlebrained." If it's not true, why Shakespeare still alive? If it's not true, why Wordsworth still alive? If it's not true, why William Blake still alive? Like all these, thee too, will remain animated. Thy longevity soul that will stay animated Thou will never fleet as long as doomsday as long as this universe thou will remain alive. Now the solace of thy mind be like peace it's fair and square to continue stay animated. The echo of thy voice will last evermore The roar of thy pen has become the solution The pen is thy postured weapon of the verity Solemnly you became my better medallion and this wording will give life to thee. Be hilarious. Don't concede the harmful. I denied the parenthesis because it violates perplexedly it's irreversible. Dear bards, thou are alive and continue alive. Thou will never die until heaven pops up.

© Muhammad Sulaiman Bulangu


EASTERN STRANGER Eastern stranger reached me in my backyard. It comes like a nuclear weapon side-splitting all the innocent people like a terrific battle. Since I had heard from my neighbors but now you come to my side. Panic consumes my heart Eastern stranger you are lovable. I had heard the screams all over the world. I had heard the condolence telegrams all over the world. I testified the scared you have wrought and the mournful you have made. The calamity I had never met before the remarkable year I would never forget. Funeral be like wedding ceremonies loosen reams of my relatives. Rightness all over the world nor market, nor schools, countless nothingness but hospitals are not enough to save the antiques all the cities are closed like prison cells. Only condolence messages are trending on the net. World's cities become like battle environment. My condolence message goes out to you, may your gentle souls Rest In Peace. This particular one above, "Eastern Stranger", was written by the poet during the pandemic period of Covid-19. © Muhammad Sulaiman Bulangu

Muhammad Sulaiman Bulangu popularly known as Msbulangu, is an infant poet from Jigawa State, Nigeria, his works have appeared in Nigerian telecommunication service, daily news, and online magazines. He is currently now an undergraduate student at Sule Iamido University Kafin Hausa Jigawa state and he was born on February 02, 2000, at Bulangu near Kafin Hausa local government.

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