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Poems of Linda Imbler

STRUM Speak to us at vibrantly hued close of day, with tremoloed soft notes filtered through clear air ending with a fade. Speak to us by means of the young, where the thrum of vibrating hearts are the warmest, and compassion for those smaller and weaker is so freely expressed. Speak to us as we hear waves lapping the shore, the crush of rock created by time, building crescendos echoing the heights to which man's soul can soar. Speak to us by using photographic portraits, faces laden with all manner of emotion, a totality of feelings captured, everything reflected in the shutterbug's lens no visage invisible or unattainable. Speak through us with your goodness, greatness lightening many hearts, yours, theirs. Let us be reminded that canorous notes still beckon, warmth towards others still stirs the heart. Our time is so limited, every face holds a story of a life lived whether short or long in duration. Our history heard in the strum of the cosmic musician's performance. The omniscient song is there for us to discover. © Linda Imbler 2021


Mistletoe, Innocent or Guilty There's mistletoe hanging from the trunks of trees in the mountains. When I was a child, I believed in the innocent tradition, the significance within the magic kiss. Sometimes, I still believe that. At other times, I allow the truth to surface, and I remember that all the old tales spoke of its complicity in bringing about all manner of treacherous ends.

© Linda Imbler 2021

Both Linda Imbler's poems, "Strum", which graces the beginning of ILA Magazine and "Mistletoe, Innocent or Guilty", featured on "Editor's Choice" section are both in the Nov/Dec Edition, Issue # 5.

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