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Michael Ryan

"UNTITLED" This is how we rise up, from the dirt, blacked out burnt down, everything turned Then we made an exit and as God is my witness with so much blood on my knees you turned into someone else but I can relate heavy is the highway with much resistance hear the thunder bang

violent as a hurricane I'm not budging Run me over like a freight train We need to feel this way I deserve take and use it up It's emotional strength because you can't break me. I'm too strong today Do you see me now? These words jump off the screen and speak for themselves I'm so thankful I must have the greatest guardian angel so please don't think that I'm not grateful for you I was just losing me in a padded room Now I'm swimming in the vacuum fishing for celestial bodies drinking with the moon shooting the stars Now they know how we feel inside and I feel the risen rays No more prisoner of chains A freedom writer born to hear the angels sing.

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1 Comment

Sep 27, 2023

The entire ending is so strong, like a lightning bolt

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