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Gwawdodyn Hir (Sestet)

On August 13 - 18th, 2023, we held a Gwawdodyn Hir Poetry Form (Sestet) Prompt Challenge for writers on our ILA Magazine Facebook Group. Nature was the theme and poets were required to apply at least one of the previous week's vocabulary words (Idyllic, Versant, Sylvan) into their poems.

We chose (ONE) BEST ENTRY - (Justin Roman Cain) and four other poets we could not pass over, for their poems were descriptive in conveying their own thoughts of nature. As our acknowledgement of Justin Roman Cain, we gifted him with the newly published book of author Gloria Magallanes-Loeb, titled, "Nature", with a picture of her book of which we will include in the image gallery at end of this feature. The Gwawdodyn Hir is a 6-lined poetry form, its origin is Welsh. The first 4 lines consist of 9 syllables. The last two lines consist of 10 syllables. Lines 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 end in same rhyme. The end word in Line 5 rhymes with an internal rhyme in Line 6.


"Soul (Sole) Desire" A sylvan dream still lives deep inside An idyllic place in which to hide Versant slopes into a creek to slide Peace for this introvert, place to bide A simple life knowing no want or need There freed, to do only as I decide. © Justin Roman Cain (War Axe [Wordsmith Alchemist Roman Artist X Entertainment)


"Verse of the Versant" O'er the versant, twas sylvan and fair. Mine eyes couldn't dare to withhold stare, For those idyllic scenes stand so rare. The air ' round the woods, with whispers share; Songs of the wild, nature's own soprano, Crescendo! The harmony fills the air. © Pina S. Imchen


"My Versant Vantage Place" It seems the dawn and dusk interlace Up here in my versant vantage place The forest, a sylvan charming space Idyllic site nothing could replace I sigh in awe at the breathtaking view Though isn't new, yet still makes my heart race. © Myr Reyes E. Tejada


"The Idyllic Meadows" The meadow forces you to behold Its idyllic streams, pure and quite bold, Under cerulean sky, quite cold Bound as I am in its sylvan mould I pray nature, kind and perfect ever Never desert me, hold me in your fold. © Kalucharan Sahu


"The Versant Sylvan" This great land I have always loved best Nature's versant puts you to the test A versatile place, take well earned rest The woodland picturesque, east toward west The vision, is such an idyllic view Woodland trees queue, an awesome sylvan quest. © Steve Lyman

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