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Poetry and Photography



People can treat you like insects And they smash you with no remorse Trying to make you feel small And insignificant for this world But let's not forget that the honey Is produced by insects called bees. It does not matter the size It is what you do that matters. © Bogdana Gageanu


FARMERS I envy farmers Because they enjoy nature And have conversations with animals About the need of talking with themselves. Nature and animals are a good guidance And a very sincere one. I envy farmers Because butterflies help them with the therapy. © Bogdana Gageanu


NOTHING TO REMEMBER Nothing to remember I forgot to feel you I forgot how it feels I forgot the painful ache I just move forward Without looking back. Nothing to remember Only to forget. © Bogdana Gageanu



Look at that cloud Above that lonely tree! That tree is so poor And has no fruits to give. Everybody is laughing at him. The cloud is merciful So he decides to stay above his branches Like a new kind of fruit That nobody has seen before. The lonely tree became the cloud tree. And the river came closer To be a mirror for this unusual fruit. © Bogdana Gageanu


THOUGHTS AFTER VACATION My thoughts after vacation Are full of peace and beauty My mind is free, without constraints Free to swim in an ocean. I left my footprints as a memory And the echo of my scream of joy. My thoughts after vacation are not thoughts Just a release of quality time. © Bogdana Gageanu


The photography of Bogdana Gageanu Title: "Reflection of the Sun" It was recently chosen on a July 29th offering ILA presented to Writers and Visual Artists



Bogdana Gageanu is a poetess and a playwright. She has been published in anthologies and magazines. Her playwrights have been heard on different radio stations. She has received many international awards. She loves to inspire others and she has had many interviews with online poets. She has written and published recently a book of poems, "My Soul Pyramid."

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