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by Rosemarie Miranda


"WEDNESDAY NIGHT" (A Dipolog Glimpse) Another grateful day of thanksgiving for all life's random blessings we never falter in showing gratitude for God's loving embrace, wide latitude like the sun, it rises and sets for all like the tides, it ebb and rises in a cycle Each day we welcome with anticipation on what lies ahead for all creations. © ROSEMARIE MIRANDA


"BORROWED LIGHT" (A Dipolog Glimpse) The magic of the night knows no barrier the darkness holds a golden mystery weaving a tapestry of dreams surreal in its reality, tugging the heartstrings caught by skillful snaps of a creature on the lookout for beauty in the mundane no need to search elsewhere on foreign soils all the splendor of the spell-bound moon holds captive the artistic streak who wouldn't swoon in the darkness highlighted by the gold of the sea truly this resembles life in its entirety there is always the expectation of darkness but the beckoning lights are the hope that despite the darkness there is a borrowed light © ROSEMARIE MIRANDA

We have included a photograph taken by Rosemarie in an image slider below:

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