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September 22, 2023

From ILA Magazine's Desk: An Editor's Review of: Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta's book: "Chasing Sunsets With You"


Without a doubt, Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta is quite family-oriented, her first and second sections of her book, "Chasing Sunsets With You" are devoted entirely to motherhood and life surrounding her family. Her poems, throughout the book are so descriptive, to just place in the spotlight, 'A Pillow's Tale' or 'The Pleading Hibiscus' or even 'Orange', the 'Many Ways to Say Goodnight' and 'Tangerine.' Maria is a true wordsmith, her lines and verses seem to just pop out of the pages in warmth, enchantment, spirituality, love and nature, with many forms of beautiful imagery in figurative writing, evoking the senses with colorful vibrancy, lots of liveliness, expressions and eloquence with a state-of-grace and a genuineness much like her own persona. She truly has a special gift of writing with the ability to captivate hearts and minds while mesmerizing the reading eyes and in that same instance, her aesthetic compositions blend perfectly with the beautiful art and photography throughout her book. Maria loves her sunsets, as she states: "Every sunset is different...just like poetry." Through the lens, the photographer captures each breathtaking snapshot not just through an optic visual, but through the heart, where memories of this gift from God is permanently embedded, so too, is the author's pen, when gliding through paper, and it's as majestic as the sunsets she describes. Maria is often referred by the name, 'Hibiscus', the most feminine of flowers because of the various exuberant and vibrant colors of reds, pinks, yellows and orange, much the same as what we view in sunsets. She reflects a buoyant, and positive character, inclined to look through 'rose-colored' glasses within her own surroundings and also with that of elements of nature she so embraces, her lightheartedness is seen in her poetry she pens. Her reflections of her daughter, Dyan Laura, who lives miles away, relating to her poem, 'The Sand, The Shore, The Sunset', her love and how absence is felt for her daughter, truly makes the heart grow fonder. From her rhyming verses and free-verse poetry, Maria creates an aesthetic environment with ease, much the same as how the sunset flows on God's canvas, so too, does her pen. Her poems are full of vivid word imagery evoking upon the mind and arousing emotions while encapsulating the senses. She is genuinely, an altruistic poet of heart and soul, conscious and conscientious of her meticulous character, penning with certitude, her beliefs, while supporting and inspiring a deeper understanding of femininity and all the systems that support it. She takes us on incredible journeys from sunsets, penning similarities drawn between God's canvas of color and her majestic pen, so awe-inspiring, it is quite evident that the author possesses a positive character, always looking at the world through 'Rose-colored glasses', her poems have the power to evoke upon the mind and arouse intense emotions while beautifully encapsulating the senses. Maria describes sunsets in her poems, most mesmerizing, the vivid imagery she pens, brings breathtaking moments to life, allowing readers to feel as if they are witnessing the splendor of a sunset, firsthand. Each word she has carefully chosen, it's as if she adds a musical quality to her verses and evident of her deep appreciation for nature's beauty, by conveying it effortlessly from heart to thoughts to pen. It is not just nature the author captures with her pen. She delves into matters of love and family, or touches upon the universal themes of love, resonating with readers on a personal level. The emotions she portrays are raw and authentic, through her skilled use of language and imagery, she brings these intimate moments to life, allowing readers to experience them alongside her. In conclusion, I am amazed by the talent, passion and gift of writing that shines through her collection of poems. Her ability to evoke emotion and encapsulate the senses is unparalleled, whether describing sunsets, exploring themes of nature's beauty, painting vivid imagery with her words, she leaves a lasting impact on readers. This review from Maria's sunsets to her pen, is an ode to the beauty of her work, and a testament to her skilled gift, as a poet. © Annette Nasser EIC ILA Magazine USA

Below, a slideshow of Editors Review Introductory Image, Maria's book, "Chasing Sunsets With You" and a link at closure in the instance you want to purchase her book on Amazon.


'Chasing Sunsets With You' can be viewed in a video of Maria by Ayo Gutierrez, owner/publisher of GMGA Publishing on the YouTube channel. Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta's third book, 'Chasing Sunsets With You' made its debut on August 5, 2023.

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Sep 22, 2023

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