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Beyond Our Thought

There is no better companion Than a bunch of new editions. It can boost your creativity Your imagination can travel freely. You can go beyond your thinking In different perspectives just by reading.

Books can be your best friend. You can speak anytime without complaining. Sharing the knowledge without bound Giving you wisdom in abound. Caring your future Loving you more than anything the world can offer. Once you start reading, The fiction hypothesis pulled you into another realm And you can freely explore There is nothing to implore You can do magic in the fairyland of the pixies world You can become ogres in the land of the underworld. You can travel beyond the universe without using spaceship just your mind traverse Through the secret passage, you can in there. In another dimension, you can have it here. Without traveling, or get in the car. It is free but worthy. You can have it at your hand, boundlessly. Sometimes we experience emotional book passages as we are in browsing. We are always getting lost in a book just by reading. We forgot the time as our minds consume at the scene As our imagination travels the time machine And reach the destination we can't imagine In just a spark of light, we can become genies at hand. Books can blanket us with unimaginable knowledge. In a compilation of different ledgers. Beyond our dreams and nightmares. And throughout the universe Secret passageways, A door of continuous telepathy. © Rosie B. Licudo

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