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Back in May of 2023, ILA Magazine offered a Word of the Week Ghazal Prompt Challenge, the requirements to apply both words (amorous and amorphous) into their ghazal. Out of only nine entries, we chose the ghazal below.


Amorous love which to be a desire amorphous Evolving and transform in suspire amorphous Sometimes advances in a lustful intention made Progress not done in moment signifier amorphous Desire deepens for a beauty embedded in memory In form not definite due can't be rectifier amorphous But essence of attraction like a magnet moves on Remain illusion of the heart bristlier amorphous Love never consummated in the manner of lovemaking Stayed on imagination suspend like twiddlier amorphous Amorous desire never fades in mind boggling waggling Like an addiction no realization in pricklier amorphous Sexual desire that no gateway in the midst of journey In a path that never had destination unpatrifier amorphous. © JOEL ABERNASOR

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