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We are featuring the work of several people who touched our hearts with their photography, capturing the essence of nature and their surroundings.

Below, the photography of DEMETRIOS TRIFIATIS:

Demetrios_Vibrant Yellow Rose.jpg
Demitrios_Flower cluster_Image 4.jpg

"Bliss", by Demetrios Trifiatis

Demetrios_Yellow Burst.jpg

"Yellow Burst", by Demetrios Trifiatis

Demetrios_Beauty's Incarnation.jpg
Demetrios_Garden Image 1.jpg

"Beauty's Incarnation", by Demetrios Trifiatis

Demetrios _Profile Image 2.jpg

"Flowers are God's glorious vocabulary expressing ideally, eternity's transcendental beauty!"

© Demetrios Trifiatis

DEMETRIOS TRIFIATIS is a gardener, photographer, internationally acclaimed poet, (Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee), 

author of "An Aegean Breeze of Peace", "Lessons Life Taught Me" and "Whispers of Inspiration." He is a humanitarian

and a former professor of classical Philosophy. He has a dual nationality of Greek and Canadian, has traveled around

the world, is a polyglot and loves flowers!

Demetrios was born in Greece, immigrated to Canada, where he studied philosophy at Concordia and Universite de Montreal,

becoming a Canadian citizen. He taught philosophy and languages and returned to Greece where he lives now.

When he was young, he attended an agriculture school and was taught gardening. When he retired, he created a roof garden

and filled it with flowers of which he takes care of.

As a photographer, he is not professional, but loves to take photos of his flowers which he also shares with his friends.

His poems are recited all over the world and have been taught in schools, used in many events in Europe, Asia and especially

in the USA, in cities, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, just to name a few as well as elsewhere.

Below, the photography of Ahmed Nawaz:

Ahmad Nawas_Image 1.jpg
Ahmad Nawaz_Photos_Image 2.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_Image 3.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_Image 4.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_Image 5.jpg
Ahmed Nawaz_Image 7.jpg

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.

When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."

Ansel Adams (1902-1984)

American landscape photographer and environmentalist

snow ball cactus_2.jpg
Zinnia by Ahmed Nawaz.jpg
morning dew drops kissed rose.jpg
Yellow orbs portrait caption.jpg
Green and Red.jpg

AHMED NAWAZ is a photographer and poet from Pakistan who majored in Literature from the University of Harpur.

He's very much into philosophy, specifically interested in timeless questions. He's a voracious reader, inclined to posit

his intuitive insights over the vast and flexible realms of life, while confiding himself to the perimeters of being human. He loves reading books, and desires to be a world tourist. He has been pursuing nature as a great source of

his photography. For him, nature is a guide, teacher and healer.

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