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Author, Aamir Altaf, hails from the District of Kupwara in Jammu and

Kashmir. He is currently a graduate from Aligarh Muslim University, 

and is currently pursuing his Masters in Political Science from IGNOU.

He works as a freelance writer, storyteller and poet, writing about

current issues and public policies. His work has appeared in

Greater Kashmir, The Wire, Kashmir Monitor and many others.

He has been inspired by Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal, Paulo Coelho

and Shashi Tharoor.


"Walking Away: The Unfinished Part of Me", is a story that is based

on love, sacrifice, and long-distance relationships. It tells us about

how our society is dysfunctional and how our culture encourages us

to be emotionless. It tells us about how our youth is constantly looking for

something deep and intimate without looking for the risks.

The story depicts the life of a student, how he struggles in this conflict,

turmoil and region, and what predicaments he faces during his student life.

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