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About the Editors

ANNETTE NASSER, Founder/Publisher, is an avid food and nature photographer, an internationally known Book Reviewer and has reviewed books, as well as reviewed and interviewed various writers on the specifics of their singular work.
She is a writer/poet from the Boston area and has been published in Literary House Review, Hudson Valley Poetry Digest,
SpinningS, Seeker Magazine,
and many other Literary Magazines, Journals and Anthologies, the most recent of the latter,
in 'Apple Fruits of an Old Oak', 'Women Poets: Within and Beyond the Shores, Volume 3' and 'Where Are You From',
an anthology translated in both English and Persian. Annette wrote and edited an Online Magazine (no longer in circulation),

receiving a past Award of Excellence.

ATIF KHURSHID WANI, Senior Editor, is a Kashmiri Poet, Reviewer and Columnist. He was born on 11th January, 1995,

when everything around him was frozen. He was brought up in an educated family, which belongs to the Anantnag area of
Kashmir valley. Atif graduated from Kashmir University and did his Masters from LPU, Punjab. Though he started writing
at the age of 16, it was only at LPU, where he published his first poem by the name of 'Reigning Darkness', an International

Poetry Anthology. Since then, Atif has become a part of more than 30 National and International Poetry Anthologies.

He has Co-Authored some anthologies as well: 'The Way We Were', 'Mourning of Mother', 'Robaroo I and Robaroo II'. 

His biography also appeared in the book, 'Biography of Living Poets', published in May of 2020. He has contributed
poetry to different magazines, including: 'The Love of a Child', 'Spellbound Love', 'Passionatechic', 'Litlight', 

'Hold my Cold Heart', 'Life on Lease', 'The Withered Throne', etc. In addition to his poetry, he has reviewed books like,

'Tears Fall in my Heart', 'The Lost Princess', 'Unheard Voices' and for various newspapers including, Kashmir Horizon,

Country Talks and News Horizon. He has been named among 100 Bards of 2019 by Literary Club and Professional
Enhancement Club,
Nigeria. Currently, Atif is a Research Scholar at Lovely Professional University, India. He is a
freelancer and his book, 'The Shattered She' was recently published this year. Atif Khurshid Wani recently and 

honorably participated as a judge and Narrator in a Literary event on behalf of Konnect E-Zine.

WALID BOUREGHDA , Associate Editor, is an Algerian poet, working as an Administrative Executive at Sonatrach-Agip Group. He holds a BA degree in English Language and Literature from the University of BATNA in Algeria. He draws inspiration for his poetry from his unceasing love of his beloved wife. He also writes about spreading peace over the world

and dispelling hatred and bigotry.

MAYYU HAMIM, Blog Writer, is a 19-year old writer, poet and certified author, hailing from the Rohingya community in 
Myanmar, one of the most severely victimized ethnic groups in the world. His life story is a testament to resilience and the
unyielding power of the written word. MAYYU's journey as a writer began in the midst of unimaginable adversity. Forced
to live as a caged bird in an open prison, he endured hardships that most of us can scarcely fathom. The loss of his beloved
father further deepened the complexities of his existence. These profound experiences became the driving force behind his
creative expression, spurring him to pen down a diverse array of poetry and stories. As a dendrophile, Mayyu has a a pro-
found connection with the natural world. Nature, with its mysterious and healing qualities, has served as a sanctuary for
his heart amidst the misery and plights of refugee life. In his verses, he often draws inspiration from the beauty and

resilience of the natural world, weaving it into the tapestry of his poetry.

Writing has been Mayyu's solace in the face of excruciating adversity. It is a means of transcending the limitations of his
circumstances, a way to document the untold stories of his people, and a vessel for his own emotional catharsis. Through
his words, he hopes to shed light on the Rohingya's struggles and aspirations, offering a voice to the voiceless. Mayyu's
literary accomplishments are impressive. He is the author of "Rhythms of The Heart: The Two Rohingyas in Bloom," 
a work that showcases his poetic prowess and his deep understanding of the human condition. Additionally, he has 
contributed to over 100 anthologies, sharing his unique perspectives with a global audience.

Beyond his own creative pursuits, Mayyu is an English Editor at "Rohingya Art Dreamland", page dedicated to reviving
and encouraging Rohingya arts and literature.  This role reflects his commitment to nurturing talent within his community
and providing a platform for fellow Rohingya artists and writers. His aspirations, extend far beyond the realms of literature.
He envisions a future where he can be a formidable educator, eradicating illiteracy within his community. He strives to be
a poet whose verses resonate with the human soul, a prolific author whose words ignite change, and a renowned novelist
whose stories transcend borders. In a world often defined by divisions, Mayyu Hamim's journey is a testament to the unifying power of literature and the indomitable human spirit. His story serves as a reminder that even in the face of the harshest 
adversities, the written word can provide solace, hope, and a path toward a brighter future. 

AMITABH MITRA, Blog Editor, is a South African visual artist, poet and medical doctor in Eastern Cape. One of the most
widely published poets in web and in print, Amitabh has been acclaimed by both India and South Africa as a poet of 
contemporary times. His visual art has been exhibited in South Africa, India and Europe. His works involving poetry and art
have been lauded and received many awards. He lives in many worlds at different times.

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