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Visual Art

In this issue, we are featuring the beautiful work of talented painters and photographers.

They've blessed our magazine with a brief synopsis about themselves, as an artist, as well

as their exquisite works of art.

Below, we feature paintings by Mudasir Rehman Dar, 

an Artist from Kashmir.

Mudasir Rehaman Dar_Painting 1.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_Painting.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_Painting 6.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_Painting 5.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_Painting 10.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_Painting 8.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_Painting 11.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_Painting 15.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_Painting 2.jpg

GRAND MASTER Mudasir Rehman Dar, (born on July 7, 1991), of Jammu and Kashmir, India, is titled as 'Grand Master', one unique painter, famous for his creation of the world's smallest painting of the Holy Muslim shrine, 'Kaabah', on a ring stone.

Mudasir Rehman Dar_Ring painting_1.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_Ring Painting_2.jpg
Mudasir Rehman Dar_World's Smallest Pain

The mesmerizing land of Kashmir is famous around the world, for its unique and splendid artistry.

Mudasir Rehman Dar gives his emotions a shape through Art, whatever moves him internally, he paints.

Born, Mudasir Rehman Dar, an established artist from Kulpora Kulgam, South Kashmir. He initiated 

a series of creative Abstract Paintings and Portraits. Mudasir Rehman Dar is better known as an Artist

and well-known painter. He has been drawing since his childhood dream, when paintings were mere dots

and lines. Now, he's a self-taught Visual Artist, with his main focus in creative painting. 

Mudasir Rehman Dar established as a creative artist in early 2017, and his series of abstract, contemporary

paintings has made him publicly known as a creative artist. He is famous for his unique style of paintings.

He has multifaceted colorful transformations of Kashmir poetry and literature in abstract contemporary art

and has been awarded as Artist of his District as well as winning many national and international acclimated

awards.  The artist is also famous for making the world's smallest painting on a ring stone! Image above!

Mudasir Rehman Dar_Image 2.jpg

"The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel."

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944)

Dutch Painter and one of many countless artists of the 20th Century.

Below, the paintings of Artist, Elizabeth Vargas Arellano Dimarucut:

Elizabeth Vargas_Image 4.jpg
Elizabeth Vargas_Image 5.jpg
Elizabeth Vargas_Image 6.jpg
Elizabeth Vargas_Image 7.jpg
Elizabeth Vargas_Image 16.jpg
Elizabeth Vargas_Image 18.jpg
Elizabeth Vargas_Image 15.jpg
Elizabeth Vargas_Image 25.jpg
Elizabeth Vargas_Image 17.jpg

ELIZABETH VARGAS ARELLANO DIMARUCUT was born on December 15, 1948, married to Leonardo Dimarucut

and a mother to three girls, Ma Laarni, Carlyzah and Khristina Anne. She is a teacher by profession, and retired as

a Public Schools District Supervisor. In her young age, she was brought up by nature-loving parents, a businesswoman

and a retired soldier, as part of a brood of six on a family farm.

For her, the family farm was a paradise where blissful memories and beauty of nature abound. It was home to selfless love

and simple joys that nurtured her spirit and heart, eventually her passion for the arts, notably painting and poetry.

Her paintings and her poetry are imbued with her closeness to nature which urges us to depart from the complexities of life

and state of restlessness. Thus, constantly presenting both in her paintings and poetry, her homage to nature, home and family

that she misses. She believes that art makes a person in tune with his/her spirit, giving inner peace. Thus, art heals.

Elizabeth Vargas Arellano Dimarucut.jpg
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