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Visual Arts: Photography

Here, we feature photographers and their work, chosen as "Best Entries". Seen with keen eyes, their minds mesmerized by what is observed and captured from their hearts. Each photograph, no matter where it was taken, tells a story or perhaps ignited a memory while sparking the muse of their own perception. You will observe picturesque landscapes, striking and sweeping skies, picture-postcard viewing, each photograph quite unique, yet, all breathtaking and impressive. Photography of © Leah Dancel from Australia. Title: "Stay in Focus" Photography of © Ency Bearis from the Philippines.
Title: "Perfect Cone"; Mayon Volcano of Albay, Philippines. Photography of © Sultana Raza of India.
Title: "Boat at Sunset" Photography of © Bogdana Gageanu from Romania.
Title: "The Glimpse of Sun in River" Photography of © Georgiana Gheorghe from Romania
Title: "Nature's Beauty in the City" Photography of © Debra J. Masky, from Dubai, UAE, taken from a running train with her Oppo mobile. Photography of © Dolo Rez from the Philippines.
Mobile photo with ViVo S1/no filter. Title: "A Peeping Sunlight" Photography of © Aendgzel Roze from the Philippines.
Mesmerizing sunset take from a friend's deck. Photography of © Kawsar Khalil from Anantnag, Jammu/Kashmir, India. "Where there is a will, there is a way" Photography of © Mohammed Hamim (J. Kyaw Than Naing) from Myanmar.
ViVo Y21 "Refugees Camp"
the hovels dwellers
always the cascade of pain
brimmed pouring with plight. Photography of © Loreta C. Bande from the Philippines.
"The newly built nest of the wasp on vase, blending with the design." Photography of © Mushtaque B. Barq of Srinagar, Jammu/Kashmir, India. Title: "The Dusk" Photography of © Aziza Dahdouh from Algeria.
Title: "Soft Petals"

Visual Arts: Photography
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