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Daughter's Day Without My Father

Ached, thwarted
Which one is more severe
Inward me
Or outward me? I have invariably, been betrayed by forgetfulness
For such miserable sufferings of remembrance
Since the shelter of your beloved hand
Disappeared from my head
And the basement from my feet

I have, inevitably, been dragged into nostalgia Since the soft affectionation of you, my father,
Chose to keep me deprived of it
And to borrow happiness in the transient pleasures
Offered in the whims of life idiosyncrasies

My father: you had wished to see me fly
High and high
In the vast sky
You had celebrated my tiny triumphs
You had regarded me your progeny all-rounder
But, my father: Do you see me from above?
I cry...I cry...and cry For your softest touches
In life's harsh realities.


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