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Mission Statement Creativity is within each of us and when it is utilized for whatever moment in time, the environment becomes more calming and peaceful, taking away the weight of the world, of that which surrounds us, we are able to maintain our creative muses, whether through writing or visual arts, discovered or possibly undiscovered by chance, through some profound experience. Creativity through literature and the arts are most beneficial to the inner senses and well-being from within. We have a stronger sense of ourselves and when we allow our inspiration to flow, whether it be through poetry/prose, visual arts, or other types of literature, whatever genre inspires us, it is that impulse of significant points of time where we can connect our mind, heart and soul. Our goals for ILA is to spark that creativity, to encourage and support writers and artists along their journeys of self-expression, by providing a harmonizing and comfortable environment. Our desire is to promote cultural diversity of literature and the arts with both established and emerging writers who have a voice and perhaps a deeper understanding of values, such as humanity, peace and freedom of speech. Our goal is to broaden the horizons of many, to be a catalyst of guidance, to help boost the confidence of people with a voice who are just beginning on the journey into literature and the arts, and, for the silent voices who are just starting out on their adventures or writing endeavors. We are supportive of writers and artists with aspirations and goals. We welcome voices of diverse individuals from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, cultures and societies, with utmost respect and love. ILA is a not-for-profit magazine, devoted to the world of literature and the arts, and it is here, we hope to provide a platform for writers, poets and visual artists, internationally. We want to promote the silent voices, to celebrate alongside that special creativity, the chance to be read and recognized and to finally be heard. It is within all voices, freedom of speech and literature where we will open the barriers that have kept some apart from the rest of the world, to give a sense of belonging, a deeply rooted feeling, as if you've always been here and never left. We support all writers and artists who aspire to publish their work and share their creativity with both our e-magazine as well as our Facebook group and page. Here, we feature "Random Editors' Choice", Poetry/prose, short stories, articles, special features of writers, recent book publications, visual arts/photography, blog articles, interviews as well as an occasional review and translations. It's not about statistics, it's about the self-expression of each individual poet, writer, artist, their ingenuity and inspiration, our guidance, to encourage and support, to promote cultural diversity for both established and emerging artists/writers. Annette Nasser
ILA Magazine USA
** Existing Editors: Atif Khurshid Wani, Senior Editor (Jammu/Kashmir)
Walid Boureghda, Assistant Editor (Algeria)
Carl Scharwath, Co-Editor/Interviewer (USA)
Amitabh Mitra, Co-Editor (South Africa) Ikwulono Mohammed Senison, Co-Editor (Africa)

ILA's newest Editors: Steve Lyman (UK)
Mayyu Hamimi (Myanmar)
Author Shahid Abbas (Pakistan)
N.P. Khatiwada (India)
Justin Roman Cain (USA)
Concetta Pipia, Reviewer (USA)
Irma Kurti, Interviewer (Italy)

ILA Magazine
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