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Book Review

October 4, 2023
From ILA Magazine's Desk: An Editor's Review of:

Gloria Magallanes-Loeb's book: "Nature - The Moon, The Sky, Flowers and Feelings"
Oh, the wonders of NATURE - the author's poems, "Moonlight Rays" and "Arduous Clouds", penned in mind's canvas from her stunning imagination!

Gloria Magallanes-Loeb, the author behind "Nature - The Moon, The Sky, Flowers and Feelings", has an undeniable connection with the natural world. Within her collection of poetry, she captures the beauty and complexities of the elements in their various forms, including weather, the seasons, flora, fauna or birds of a feather, and the bond between nature and humans. Gloria demonstrates her passion for nature through her emotive writing, which is a testament to her connection with the world. She is able to describe her senses, allowing readers to savor the experience of the elements she so embraces. Her descriptions of the seasons, the cosmos of sky, moon, sun and stars are vivid in words and lines, just like the 'afterglow' she expresses as 'lovers walk hand in hand in a trance', of her poem, "Evening Moon."

Gloria has the ability to capture the delicate gracefulness of nature's serenity, the "Pitter Patter" of rain, the warmth of day and the coolness of night, the delicate stability of life, as she expresses her feelings, well aware of how mankind has often taken advantage of nature, leading to destruction, recognizing this, while still being thankful for the gifts that nature and God have so lovingly provided. Her journeys go far beyond in emotions, her understanding and fondness of being balanced, or remembering her childhood with sweet memories, revered prayer or the everyday blessings. From the moment her book is opened, you are transported into a world of emotions and the senses of sight, sounds and Nature's fragrance. Her sentiments are conveyed in this extraordinary collection of poetry, bringing to readers, various poetic forms, from Haiku to Tanka, Ninette to Octet, from Rondelet to Tetactrys and Etheree, Amphion and Fibonacci. What enhances her book even more, blending perfectly with her poetry, are the stunning, picturesque images throughout each page, so thoughtful the author is! A book such as Gloria's will surely attract the eyes, mesmerizing and enchanting her readers! She truly has a deep, spiritual connection with the ability to articulate in her lines and verses, capturing the beauty and intricate tapestries of her surroundings in vivid detail. From her vibrant blooms of various flowers and blossoming trees, to herbs and even the common dandelion, her affinity of all delicateness and fragrance is written with unique charm. Truly, her book is a masterpiece, a weaving of elegance, of nature's essence, a connection between the author, her book and readers, something more profound than anything imagined, her gentle nudge of the pen, and a written testament to appreciate the simpler pleasures of life. The rustling of leaves in the wind, or chirping of birds, the scent of freshly bloomed flowers, like 'The Smell of Lavender' on page 28 - all of her senses seem to come alive, it's as if nature is whispering to Gloria, as she writes about taking life at a gentle pace while embracing the beauty that surrounds her. In conclusion, nature is certainly a true marvel that never ceases to amaze the writer and will certainly mesmerize readers. From moon to sky to vibrant hues, Gloria's descriptions of nature stirs her emotions while captivating the senses. She reminds us through her thoughtfulness, that special connection of something greater than ourselves, with her gentle nudge, to appreciate that beauty of nature, life and love truly exists in every moment, embracing God's gracious gifts while finding solace in its resplendent presence, all part of Gloria's breathtaking collection of poetry as we embrace the magic that lies within.

© Reviewed by Annette Nasser
ILA Magazine
USA Gloria's book, "NATURE - The Moon, The Sky, Flowers and Feelings", was published by McKinley Publishing Hub (MPH). Her book is available on Amazon , Lulu as well as Barnes & Noble.

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Book Review
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