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The Shadow Falls on the River

I promise to wash my sadness by the riverside
Let me spread the autumn to dry new days
so the dragonfly flew past fate
sad in hand a handful of rain

I'm going back to Ky Hon's shop by the river
order a couple of glasses of memories
ask a few questions purple hyacinth
better than water drifting...

Autumn will come over there tomorrow,
know if you're happy, don't cry.
Why are your smiling so deeply?
The riverside shop looks up to the sky
and sees that joy is too far away
but sadness is so close.
Tomorrow is still us, but on another river.

Only the shop is sad like music
seats that were missing yesterday's seats.
You come back and then go
leave my heart in store.
Every night the shadow falls on the river...

© Nguyễn Thanh Hai

The Shadow Falls on the River
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