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Poetry Feature of Amrita Valan

Wrapped in your cocoon
Of silk.
Where you weave blind tapestries
On an island
Sequestered with sable brushes and second sight.

I fell
Into a polished lake
A silver mirror
And how the images, bounced back at me.
Turgid righteousness, strait laced
Black with shame.
But azure gold dappled, wavering
Memories. © Amrita Valan With Our Eyes A poet's soul, keeps
Itself hidden while baring all.
Heart hard baked clay
Mind jello.
Writing with a rolling pen
Curt Missives.
I am scared
To share this,
my veins congeal
Haven't you ever refrigerated honey?
A mistake.

How to forget,
Forgive my eyes
Wandering into yours,
Melting into each other's blackness.
How we avoided
Accidental eyelocks
Since then.
Locking Revelations.

So I gaze into the night's
Dark ceiling,
Imagine star studded bliss,
Heaven is,
Your stoicism in profile. © Amrita Valan

Poetry Feature of Amrita Valan
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