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Written by AMRITA MALLIK Life outside earth must be very good,
Free from violence, thus I like to brood.
A magical place where dreams come true,
Shattered hopes here, so I construe,
A land of overflowing bliss and sweet buddies,
Where no biases ensure everyone studies.

In intelligence the beings are superior to man,
Spectacular marvels he can't come across in his life span.
Natural cycles, there, are a deviation,
Man's myopic vision goes for a revelation.
Time-bound, everyone still discovers glee,
Priorities sorted, no unwanted scree.

Let me think of a life, gentle and kind,
Trapped in this earth, I certainly mind,
A better, idyllic place for many like me,
Where light penetrates to make us see.
Gyration is a reality, there, not a placebo dream,
A place here goodness prevails to eliminate a scream. © 10/2021

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