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Hypnotic Nuances

A fusion of poetry and art. Which secret will know the fabric of life?
Tinted streaks fluoresce
as if Aurora Borealis streams
from still comes this light
and he appears well-bronzed,
tanned by the sun settling in
such as the rays of Apollo or Ra
or even Sol, pushing forward
appearing in poetry, her dreams
evoking electricity emitted
and received from his sinewy strength.

Today, you would listen to
splendiferous hypnotic nuances
spellbound by flowing rivulets
of warmth and dazzling afterglow
banding across the sky
dancing gleams, a show of energy
and tangible, discoverd

In the above 'fusion', poem written by
© Aurora Soleil and art/photography by
© Carl Scharwath.

Hypnotic Nuances
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