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Art and Poetry Collaboration

ILA is graced with the presence of Shamima Sultana with two of her poems and photographer, Carl Scharwath with a photograph and artwork. Photograph below, taken by Carl Scharwath The Path to Choose

This is the time to run along the path
The time is about choosing
There are ways to keep us together
Can be chosen the path taking far.

We can love our poetry and song
It is possible to love the paintings
We can ignore our heart and feelings
Can forget the dreams we're scoring. There is a path that meets the world straight
Coping norms, values and traditions
There is a path even to touch the eternity
Crossing the ways are known.

You can touch the shore of anxiety
You can reach the path of hope
There are ways to make you alive
Or usual fate nothing more.

There are crossings to cross the life
Having woods surrounding the hope
You will contact the herbs and shrubs
That will enlighten the lives of crore Noise and anxiety will cover the dreams
Thick clouds cover the sky
Drizzle of death may make you cry
Water in drizzle can end the dry.

You may love yourself, though I love you
You may travel the paths that matches you

I do love you before life on the earth
I will love always irrespective your path.

© Shamima Sultana Remembering

Remembering is a distant process
It is not so easy
For remembering, forgetting is necessary
It is out of catching

I can't remember you as long I can't forget
Living in you, I sing with you
I drown in water sinking with you
My dreams flow with you.

You are my nerve of coolness
You are my patience in hardship
You are my strength in wars
You are my shadow in the heels.

You hold my hand in the moonlit night
Embrace me in the rains
You open the heart beyond clothes
Touch my soul passing veins.

You touch my breath in deepening eyes
Holding the days, saying blue.
You cover my sorrow with gentle breeze
Getting my life with glue. © Shamima Sultana Oil based painting with photography background
by Carl Scharwath.

Art and Poetry Collaboration
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