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Art/Poetry Composition

Whispers of Spring

I have been buried under a thick blanket of snow
And often the temperature is always below zero
It was hard for me to survive under this condition
I can't understand why the sun has some inhibition.

My surroundings are always dreary, cold and dark
For three months, life is blank without a single spark.
I am eager to brow fast so I can enjoy a beautiful life
I don't want to die, but I am ready to fight any strife.

It is good that spring is coming and the snow is melting.
Under the blue cover of clouds, the sun is slowly peeping
My bud mates are also waking up from their cold slmuber
At last, we'll be wearing colorful dresses without any bother.

My heart is filled with glee as I see some birdies around too
Welcoming a joyous season while they bid winter adieu.
Beautiful ballerinas swinging and flapping wings with grace
Amidst the soft zephyr blowing against my smiling face.

Some birds are flying back from their winter hideaway
Their melodious chirping make the bees fly and sway
A beautiful spring day that makes everyone smile and gay.
Rustling bamboo trees dance with grace all the way.

Spring is indeed a season of mirth and jubilation
A time for dancing, singing, and months of celebration
Everyone can go out and enjoy the colorful sunrise
And feel the soft whispers of the wind as a surprise.

© Dolores Lapinid

Artwork below also by Dolores Lapinid

Art/Poetry Composition
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