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Written in the Stars

(Inspired by the movie, "Winter's Tale")

They say for each person There is a certain Miracle from within And you are meant to be just for one person As time draws o a close to meeting the One, The Universe and your Spirit Guides are on your side To help you fulfill your One True Destiny. It's written in the stars And before you know it, I am coming to hold your hand You may not know now but soon you'll get it somehow I may have bumped into you along life's journey, But you were too preoccupied with your own story That you didn't notice me passing you by. If in this life, we have to say goodbye As my soul reincarnates, I'll meet you again in the next, When our eyes lock as we cross our paths once more You will know in your heart that it was me - your Destiny, Just look at the stars on a beautiful night such as this And know that the time is near to feel eternal bliss. It's written in the stars For even when True Love is lost, Your soul will bleed for a meaning in your life But though the inevitable happens, searching for your One True Destiny remains If we are yet to discover our One True Miracle, Even time may defeat itself in order for you to see me in another lifetime. © Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

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