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World Photography Day (08/19/22)


ILA chose the top three (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) and following, sixteen remarkable photographs.


FIRST PLACE: RAYEES DAR from Kashmir and a most exquisite reflection.


SECOND PLACE: ZENAIDA LARAGAN TALOZA from Italy Zenaida's photograph is of the famous Vesuvius Volcano located in Naples. She took the photo from the 5th floor where her friend lives and taken from a balcony overlooking the volcano with an exquisite sunset glowing in the background.


THIRD PLACE: DEBRA J. MASKY from Dubai: Debra's photography certainly tells a story about the lives of others, a part of humanity. As Debra stated when she took the photograph, "the wrinkles tell another story, the veins on her hands told of hard times spent and still carrying on life. She was on her way to the market in a crowded bus." Photograph taken on an Oppo mobile phone.


Joey Fernandez from Philippines Title: "Sunset and Silhouette"


Robert Celles from New Westminster, British Columbia Title: "Fields of Tulips", taken at British Columbia Spring of 2022


Raies Ahmad from Jammu/Kashmir Title: "Rainbow"


Okram Shakuntala from Imphal Title: "Skyline"


Jaynobo Jaymes from Namatanai, Papua New Guinea Title: "Moon in the Morning Sky"


JURINE GARCIA from Bulacan, Philippines Title: "Sunset and Clouds"


Banjie Romulo from the Philippines TITLE: "Quotes in the Woods" The photographer took this snapshot while hiking in the woods, the sign caught her attention. Perhaps it was meant to come across, as a divine message.


Rosemarie Miranda from the Philippines Title: "The Bamboo Eye"

The photographer mentioned "seeing the world from afar, atop a hill, like binoculars, and when the body is tired, the 'Eye' has truly inspired."


Cherrie Facun Dancel from the Philippines Title: "Giant Nest" (Man-made nest)


Veronica Roma Pingol Title: "Red Heart Leaf" Location: Hong Kong, 2021. An amazing snapshot, one red, heart-shaped leaf among a tree of green!


David Soh from Singapore Title: "Clouds"


Vincente A. Valdez from Toronto, Canada Title: "Autumnal Beauty"


Sakina S. Dossaji from Mombasa, Kenya Title: "Victoria Falls" in Zambia.


Walid Boureghda from Batna, Algeria Title: "Colorful Cliffside" I & II (featured in a slider)


Dr. Yogendra Arya from Pali, Rajasthan Title: "Landing Ducks" Canon 7d, 150 600


Gloria Magallanes-Loeb from San Francisco, California Title: "Palace of Fine Arts"

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